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    10 days in Peru

    Peru / Upcoming programs: january–december
    Activity types:
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    Amazing animals
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    Scenic Flights


    This program will let you the opportunity to visit “the energetic places”. These places could influence an inner life of a person from the earliest times. For ages the power and energy of these places have attracted people of all ages from all over the world, those who is looking for knowledge, truth and spiritual path. The secrets are discovered at the altitude of 2430m in Machu-Picchu – lost ancient city of the Incas. It was rediscovered only in the begging of the last century. We will get there by train where you will be offered to enjoy the dainty Peruvian dishes. And also you can enjoy the live Peruvian music in the observation car of the train. The road to Machu Picchu is very beautiful, full of adventures and romance because the train goes along picturesque mountains, valleys and waterfalls. 

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    Machu-Picchu means “old mountain” and was built as a secret shelter of High Inca and priests in XV century by Inca Pachacutec. The city was the center of the sun worship. The secret rituals with spells and astronomical observations were performed here. The inhabitants suddenly left the city where the foot of Spanish conquistadors has never stepped. Then it was lost in history. The American explorer Bingham discovered it again only in 1911. The archeologists suppose that the city had a religious function. Bingham found a cemetery where only women were buried. That is why there is a meaning that Machu Picchu was a huge cloister of young women and a shelter of the lord of Cusco as well.

    In this trip you will fly over the mysterious and enigmatic Nazca lines – huge geometrical and figure geoglyphs. The pictures were created from 500 В.С. to 500 A.D. The lines had an astronomical purpose. The drawings depict imaginary and real beasts, plants and geometrical figures. The pictures reach some hundreds meters in length and it is difficult to recognize them from the ground. So officially they were discovered during the flights over the plateau only in the first part of XX century. They were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. We will visit the Cantayo aqueducts, which were built between 300 and 600 AD to provide the city with water. We will see a famous geoglyph “El Candelabro” during our boat trip at the territory of the Paracas National Reserve. The geoglyph was created in the hardened soil and it is also known as “Three crosses” or “Trident”. We will boat to the Ballestas Islands. This place, that is also named “Little Galapagos”, is a home for sea-lions, the Humboldt penguins, dolphins, pelicans and more than 200 bird species. We will be able to ride buggy along the dunes and even try a sandboard at the territory of this national park.

    A boat trip in Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the world (3800m above sea level), awaits you. Here we will visit the famous floating islands of Uros. It is completely made of reed. People live here to the present day.

    And, of course, we will visit Cusco, the cultural center of Peru. In Quechua language it means “the hub of the universe”. According to the legend first Inca Manco Capac, who was a son of the sun god, established the city in XII century. He sank in the earth a golden staff and thereby mentioned his stay in that place. The conquistadors occupied the city in 1553 and settled in the palaces, which have belonged to Incas. The colonial architecture of houses and churches in Cusco has absorbed the main elements and traditions of American Indian masters. It had a name “Cusco Art School”. The Spaniards rebuilt the ancient city. They have constructed new palaces and Catholic temples on the remaining stone walls built by the Inca. The massive walls of Inca masonry frame most of the central streets of the city. We will visit famous temple Qurikancha (Temple of the Sun). We will also visit Cusco’s nearby ruins: the fortress of Sacsayhuaman and Kenko. The fortress Sacsayhuaman is a monumental complex, which is built on three overlapping platforms, each of them over 360 m long. Sacsayhuaman, together with Cusco, is regarded as the one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Kenko is a ceremonial and religious center.

    We offer you 2 days of relax on the Pacific Ocean shore after such an active program. For extremely active travelers there will be another activities: surfing, kitesurfing and even marlin fishing.  



    Day 1

    Arrival in Lima

    Accommodation at a hotel MIRAFLORES PARK 5*

    19:00 Magic Water Tour (depends on the arrival time)

    Visit of Park of the Reserve

    Day 2


    8:00 Individual transfer to the airport (25 min)

    Flight to Pisco town (55 min)

    Transfer, accommodation at the HOTEL LIBERTADOR PARACAS LUXURY 5*

    10:30 Visit of Ballestas islands by yacht

    12:30 Return to the port of Paracas, departure to Ica town by private vehicle (about an hour)

    13:30 Lunch at the restaurant Las Dunas

    15:00 Visit of The Cabrera Museum (the museum of stones)

    15:45 Visit of Huacachina Oasis (10 min from the museum), dune buggy rides and sandboarding (about an hour)

    17:00 Return to Paracas

    Accommodation at the hotel LIBERTADOR LUXURY PARACAS 5*


    Day 3


    8:00 Transfer to the airfield Pisco (10 min)

    9:35 Flight to Nazca town by private charter. Watching of mysterious drawings on Palpa and Nazca plateaus.

    10:25 Arrival at the airport of Nazca

    Visit of Aqueducts of Cantayo (1 hour excursion)

    13:00 Lunch at the restaurant Cantayo (not included)

    15:00 Return to the airport, flight to Pisco by charter

    Arrival and transfer to the HOTEL LIBERTADOR LUXURY 5*


    Day 4


    8:30 Transfer to the airport

    9:30 Flight to Cusco

    11:00 Arrival in Cusco

    Meet Russian guide, individual transfer to the hotel (15 min)

    Accommodation at the HOTEL MONASTERIO 5*

    13:30 Lunch at the restaurant Incanto

    15:00 Sightseeing of Cusco

    19:30 Dinner at the national restaurant Tunupa

    Day 5

    7:00 Breakfast

    8:15 Moving to railway station (20 min)

    9:00 Departure of a luxe-class train, a 3-hour journey to Aguas Calientes town

    11:30 Lunch in the train

    12:25 Arrival

    Mountain ride to a sacred citadel of Incas

    Arrival, accommodation at the SANCTUARY LODGE

    14:00 Machu-Picchu excursion

    Day 6

    7:00 Breakfast at the hotel

    8:00 At your will: climbing Wayna Picchu peak

    lunch at the restaurant

    16:00 Riding down to the railway station, departure to Cusco by Hiram Bingham train

    17:50 Departure of the train

    21:30 Arrival in Cusco

    Dinner in the train

    Arrival, transfer, accommodation at the hotel Monasterio 5* (20 min)

    Day 7


    8:00 Transfer to the airport

    Flight to Puno town by charter (45 min)

    9:45 Arrival, individual transfer to the hotel on a side of Titikaka Lake

    Arrival, accommodation at HOTEL LIBERTADOR ESTEVES 5*

    13:00 Boat-trip in Titikaka lake

    15:00 Return to the hotel, lunch

    16:00 Visit of «Aramu Muru” or "Puerta de Hayu Marca" (duration: 3 hours)

    Return to the hotel

    Day 8


    8:00 Transfer to the airport (45 min)

    9:00 Flight to Сusco (40 min). Refueling in Сusco.

    10:30 Departure to Lima (1,5 hour). Refueling in Lima.

    13:00 Departure to Tumbes (2 hours 35 min)

    15:35 Arrival in Tumbes, individual transfer to the hotel on the beach (1,5 hour) along Pan-American Highway

    Accommodation at HOTEL DCO 5*

    Day 9


    Rest at The Pacific Ocean shore


    Day 10

    Rest at The Pacific Ocean shore


    Day 11


    Rest at The Pacific Ocean shore

    12:00 Transfer to the airport of Tumbes (1,5 hour)

    14:00 Flight to Lima ( 2 hours 35 min)

    16:35 Arrival in Lima

    Transfer to your international flight


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.