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    7 adventure days on Hawaii

    Hawaii / Upcoming programs: january–december
    Activity types:
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    Amazing animals
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    Scenic Flights


    This program will get you acquainted and you will enjoy unique adventure experience with the most spectacular places of the Hawaiian islands and will give you the unique adventure in Oahu, Maui, Molokai and Kauai.  We are going to surf with the legends - Ian Walsh and DK Walsh! We are going to have the quadrocycle and mountainbike journey through the tropical jungles and the challenge of the routes will depend on your speed.

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    You are going to swim with the sharks accompanied by our highly qualified instructors near the Na Pali coast – the place that can only be accessed by the boat or the helicopter. No cage, no net – only you, ocean and sharks! During the boat trips you are going to discover the fantastic caves for snorkeling. You are going to have a chance to see the long-snouted dolphin, humpback whale, monk seal, electric ray and other unique sea creatures. “Na Pali” – means “the Cliff” or “the Cliffs”, so the Cliffs tower above the sea from the Ke’e beach on the North coast shore to the Polihale State Park on the West shore. These Cliffs rise hundreds of feet above the sea and only the Cliffs on Molokai island are higher than these. Roaring waterfalls heading in the deep in the deep and nerrow hanging valleys are the ultimate coastal view. 

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    You will see the Volcano Eruption! You will take a ride on an A Star or MD500 helicopter to see the magic of lava. The boat trip to Hawaiian Volcanoes will let you discover the Eastern part of the coast. You will see the effects of volcanic eruptions, and the activity of the Kilauea volcano. These places teem with fascinating marine life: dolphins, flying fish , sea birds, Hawaiian turtles and humpback whales. We will fish for giant tuna and will have an amazing sunset catamaran cruise.

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    Finally, at the end of our journey you could get the adrenaline going riding the zip-line above the West Maui Mountains. Experience the magnificence of Maui sliding the 50ft line above the exotic jungles, waterfalls and valleys!



    Day 1

    03:00 Arrival in Honolulu

    03:30 Transfer to the Turtle Bay Resort

    04:30 Accommodation in resort


    11:00 Breakfast-lunch at the resort

    12:00 You will take the scenic route to the private park and Kualoa ranch.

    On the way you will have some stops by the waterfall and some places with the stunning panoramic view.

    13:30 Arrival in Kualoa and the beginning of the quadrocycle journey. A fantastic two hours exploring through the tropical jungles.

    16:00 Transfer to the Malaeakhana beach, light lunch on the way there.

    16:30 Surfing with Ian Walsh, Dennis Walsh + 2 instructors

    19:30 Return to the Turtle Bay Resort

    20:00 Dinner and rest.

    Day 2

    07:00 Breakfast-lunch at the resort

    08:00 Transfet to the Haleiwa bay (30 min)

    08:30 arrival, preparing for the voyage. After the 15 min briefing you will leave the harbor and will go to see the sharks. Two boats will take you to the place within 35 minutes. You will snorkel with the sharks together with our professional guides.

    11:30 Return to the bay

    12:00 Lunch

    13:15 Transfer to one of the surf spots

    16:30 Return to the resort

    18:30 Dinner

    Day 3

    06:30 Transfer to the airport

    07:30 Arrival at the Airport. Check-in.

    08:30 Flight to Kauai

    09:20 Arrival, luggage retrieval (luggage will be delivered to the hotel)

    09:30 Breakfast on the way

    10:00 Transfer to the bay

    11:00 The beginning of the sailing tour along the Na Pali coast on the two boats. You will have some en-route stops, discovering the caves and snorkeling during the trip, depending on the weather and waves conditions.

    15:00 Return to the bay

    15:00 Transfer to the chosen surf spot

    19:00 Transfer to the hotel

    20:00 Dinner and rest

    Day 4

    07:30 Breakfast at the hotel

    08:30 Transfer to the airport. On the way you will have some stops by the waterfall and other stunning places.

    10:30 Arrival at the Airport. Check-in.

    11:35 Flight to Maui

    12:20 Arrival in Maui , transfer to helipad.

    13:00 One hour helicopter flight above the West Maui and Molokai island.

    14:30 Transfer to the Papalaua beach

    15:00 Light lunch. Surfing.

    17:05 Transfer to the bay

    17:15 Three hours sunset trip on the luxury catamaran, with fishing and dinner

    Day 5

    07:30 Breakfast

    08:30 Transfer to the chosen beach

    09:15 Arrival. Surfing.

    12:00 Light lunch at the beach.

    12:45 Transfer to the Hana park.

    13:45 Arrival to the bicycle tour place.

    14:00 The beginning of the exciting three hour mountain bike adventure. The challenging of the routes will depend on your speed. You will also visit the waterfall.

    17:15 Return to the hotel.

    18:30 Dinner and rest.

    Day 6

    06:45 Breakfast

    07:30 Transfer to the airport

    08:00 Arrival at the airport. Check-in.

    09:00 Flight to Hilo

    09:35 Transfer to helipad.

    10:30 Helicopter flight over the waterfalls and lava fields.

    11:30 Back to the helipad. Transfer to the restaurant.

    12:00 Lunch

    12:45 Surfing

    15:30 Transfer to the bay

    16:30 Arrival to the bay and the beginning of the sailing tour. The epic lava viewing from your front row seat.

    19:30 Transfer to the hotel

    20:30 Dinner and rest

    Day 7

    06:00 Breakfast

    06:30 Transfer to the airport

    07:00 Airport check-in

    08:00 Flight to Maui

    08:45 Arrival at the Airport. Check-in.

    09:10 Transfer to the park

    10:00 Arrival and the beginning of the zip-line adventure

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 Transfer to the chosen beach

    14:30 Surfing

    17:30 Transfer to the hotel

    18:10 Arrival at the hotel, rest.

    19:30 Dinner


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Up to 4 hours of surfing during the day, including surfing with pro-surfer Ian Walsh (3-4 instructors for the group)

    – Program activities:

    – Quadrocycle riding

    – Swimming with sharks

    – Sailing tour along the Na Pali coast on

    – One hour helicopter flight

    – Catamaran dinner cruise

    – Mountain bike ride

    – Helicopter flight over the volcano or lava viewing sailing tour

    – Zip-lines

    – Transport services: minivan rental 10 hours per day + airport pick up and drop-off service)

    – Accompanied by Helipro guyed Maksim Balakhovskii

    – Cameraman (optional)

    Not Included

    – Accommodation (will be booked according to the needs and dates that you will choose).

    – Meal, except dinner on-board the catamaran

    – Domestic flights (booked individually), price starts from $400 for four flights

    – Insurance

    – Personal expenses

    – Tips