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    Heliski in Kuznetsky Alatau

    Siberia  / Upcoming programs: 15 November 2020–14 March 2021
    Activity types:
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    Kuznetsky Alatau is a mountainous region in Western Siberia, located on the border of the Kemerovo Region and the Republic of Khakassia. This is a whole mountainous country!

    In this region there are both high mountains with vertical drops of up to 1000m and with classic alpine terrain, as well as forested slopes with unsurpassed skiing!

    The base is located not far from the city of Mezhdurechensk, two hours from Novokuznetsk airport and 10 minutes away from the nearest slopes. We will live in a comfortable cottage, made from the Siberian cedar. At our disposal we will have a restaurant with local hunting cuisine, a Russian sauna, WiFi, a small ski resort and the opportunity to do skitouring in case of non-flying weather.

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    Extra activities in case of non flying weather: 

    Skiing on the resort in Mezhdurechensk which is 10 minutes away from our base. 400 m vertical drop and several ski slopes. Some easy freeriding is possible there after a snowfall. 

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    Helicopter: Eurocopter AS-350 B3 manufactored in 2013 and very good mountain pilot.

    Vertical drop of the runs: 400 – 1000 m

    Number of runs per day: 8-15 runs depends of the weather conditions

    Skiing area: landing at the altitude of up to 2200m, pleasant alpine zone and amazing forest skiing.


    Day 1

    Early arrival to Novokuznetsk, flight Aeroflot or S7

    Transfer to the base (1 hour 30 min on the way)

    Accommodation, meeting with guides, safety briefing, rest, Russian banya. Usually heliskiing is not scheduled on the day of arriving, but adjustments are possible.

    Monday - Saturday
    Day 2 - Day 7



    Lunch on the route

    Evening time: rest, Russian banya, massage


    Day 8


    Transfer to the airport


    320000 RUB


    – 6 days of riding

    – 5 hours of flight time for the private program / 5 hours of flight time for each group of 4 guests for a standard program

    – certified ski guide for each group

    – comfortable double accommodation

    – breakfast and lunches in the mountains

    – avalanche equipment (prove, shovel, transceiver, ABS backpack)

    Not Included

    – Flight to Novokuznetsk

    – Insurance

    – Lunches and dinners at the restaurant

    – Drinks

    – Alternative activities

    – Helicopter transfer from Novokuznetsk to the base and back (if requested)

    – Single accommodation (from 20 000 rubles)

    – Additional flight time (160 000 RUB per hour for the helicopter)


    – Dates 15 - 22 November

    – Classic: 320 000 RUB (2 groups / 4 pax each group / 1 helicopter)

    – Privat: 450 000 RUB (one group / 3 pax / 1 helicopter)

    – Dates 13 - 20 December

    – Classic: 400 000 RUB (2 groups / 4 pax each group / 1 helicopter)

    – Privat: 560 000 RUB (one group / 3 pax / 1 helicopter)


    – possible dates of the program:

    – 15 - 22 November

    – 13 - 20 December