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    Autumn in Kamchatka. 8 days

    Kamchatka Summer/Fall / Upcoming programs: september–october
    Activity types:
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    Amazing animals
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    Scenic Flights
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    An incredibly beautiful and intense autumn program in Kamchatka, that will get you acquainted with all the main beauties of the peninsula. 

    You will visit the volcanoes Mutnovsky and Gorely, which are the most active volcanoes of the south of Kamchatka. You will also see the volcanoes Koryaksky, Avachinsky, Kozelsky from a bird's-eye view.

     One of the highlights of the program will be visiting the volcano Khodutka and bathing in Khodutkinsky hot springs. You will also fly to the lake Kurillskoe, which is one of the Eurasia’s largest locations of salmon spawning (Pacific salmon) and this fact attracts many brown bears to the lakeshore.  

    Along the way we will overfly picturesque Ksudach volcano with a huge lake inside its crater and make a landing at its edge, and will also fly to the Valley of Geysers and Uzon Volcanic Caldera. In the end of the program we will have rafting with a fishing on the way, will watch the sea-lions rookery and will have a boat trip to Kekurny promontory. 



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    Day 1

    10:00 Arrival to Elizovo airport (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky)

    On request – visit to a fish market with a wide variety of fresh fish products

    10:00 Arrival to Elizovo airport (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky);

    On request – visit to a fish market with a wide variety of fresh fish products;

    16:00 ATV training, technical elements of driving;

    19:00 Meeting with guides, discussing the program, checking the equipment;

    20:00 Dinner;

    Free time, rest in the hot springs.

    Day 2

    08:00 Breakfast;

    09:00 Jeep trip to Mutnovskiy and Goreliy volcanoes – about 50km (approx. 2h);

    14:00 rest and lunch on the route;

    Driving to the caves of Gorely volcano, basic camp;

    All necessary equipment will be delivered by a vehicle “Ural” to the place of the basic camp in advance

    20:00 arrival to the camp, dinner;

    Watching movies about Kamchatka;

    Overnight in tents.

    Day 3

    09:00 Breakfast;

    10:00 00 Walk through the picturesque area of the old lava flow, caves;

    Driving to the Mutnovskiy volcano;

    Climbing to the crater of Mutnovskiy volcano, walk inside of the active crater.

    Time of excursion (climbing, descend and walk) is about 4 hours.

    Walking inside of the active crater;

    Walk to the 80-meter waterfall called Opasny;

    On request – walk to the Geothermal electricity station and the Dachnie hot springs (usually called as a small Valley of Geisers);

    15:00 Rest and a light lunch on the route;

    Arrival at the Snow Valley mountain base;

    20:00 Dinner;

    Free time, rest in the hot springs.

    Day 4

    08:00 Berakfast;

    09:30 Helicopter flight to the south of Kamchatka, to Kurilskoe Lake (1 hour 30 minutes on the way);

    Territory observation, watch of bears catch salmon;

    Boat trip on the lake

    13:00 Helicopter flight to the Kosheleva volcano. Observation of the Sulfur waterfalls and the Gremuchiye sources (flight duration is approx. 20 min);

    14:00 Helicopter flight to the Khodutka volcano (flight duration is approx. 40 min);

    15:00 Lunch, bath in the Khodutkinskiye hot springs;

    19:00 Arrival at the Snow Valley mountain base;

    20:00 Dinner;

    Rest, free time.

    Day 5

    08:00 Breakfast;

    09:00 Flight by a helicopter to the Valley of Geysers (1 hour 15 minutes); Along the way we will overfly the so-called “home” volcanos: Koryakskiy, Avachinskiy and Kozelskiy

    10:30 Arrival to the Valley of Geysers, a two-hour excursion;

    10 minute flight to the caldera of Uzon volcano, 1 hour tour;

    13:30 flying over the most active volcanoes: Karymskiy and Maly Semyachik (the landing at the crater is possible);

    14:30 landing the Karamskiy Lake;

    Lunch on the bank;

    16:30 Flight to Zhupanova River;

    Rafting with a fishing on the way

    20:00 Dinner with a fresh fish;

    Overnight in tents

    Day 6

    09:00 Breakfast;

    10:00 preparation of the equipment, rafting with a fishing on the way,

    Packing of the fishing equipment, flight by a helicopter to Morzhovaya Bay;

    Lunch on shore;

    Arrival at the Snow Valley mountain base

    20:00 Dinner;

    Free time, rest in the hot springs.

    Day 7

    09:00 Breakfast;

    10:00 Helicopter transfer to Russkaya Bay;

    The route goes over the most picturesque Pacific coast of Kamchatka. We will overfly Viluchinskaya, Zhirovaya and Falshivaya Bays;

    Landing, boat trip to Kekurniy promontory, watching of a sea-lions rookery.

    Lunch on boat with fresh seafood delicacies;

    Boat trip to Starichkov Island with a marine fishing on the route;

    It is possible to get close to resting seals and birds colonies by a motor boat;

    A picturesque cruising to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy;

    Arrival, car transfer to the hotel «Dolce-Vita»;

    20:00 Dinner;

    Day 8

    09:00 breakfast;

    10:00 transfer to the airport;

    Flight to Moscow.


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Accommodation - mountain base Snow Valley: cottage Mois (5 bedrooms);

    – Accommodation in the hotel “Dolce-Vita” located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy (1 night): 2 double rooms, 6 single rooms;

    – 10 helicopter hours (MI-8);

    – Rent of 5 ATVs according to the program schedule;

    – Rent of 2 jeeps according to the program schedule;

    – “Kasatka” ship rental according to the program schedule;

    – Tent camping according to the program schedule (2 persons per a tent);

    – Meals – full board;

    – All group transfers included in program. All additional requests for transportation are paid separately;

    – Rafting equipment rental;

    – Boats rental according to the program schedule;

    – Fishing and camping equipment rental;

    – Fishing license on the Zhupanova River;

    – Excursion according to the program: Kurilskoe Lake, The Valley of Geysers and caldera of Uzon volcano;

    – Professional guides;

    – Professional diver;

    – Services of a chef on the route;

    – Services of a video operator and video editing.

    Not Included

    – Air tickets, all airport taxes;

    – Emergency evacuation fee;

    – Visa and other consular service;

    – Individual transfers;

    – Individual menu (drinks and meals not included to the group menu);

    – Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness etc;

    – Luggage exceeding fee;

    – Diving equipment rental;

    – Rental of equipment required for trips not included in the program.