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    The colors of Brazil

    Brazil / Upcoming programs: january–december
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    Amazing animals
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    Scenic Flights


    Despite the fact that Rio de Janeiro is not the official capital, this city is certainly the heart and soul of Brazil. The landscapes of Rio are unique and do not resemble anything. There are the kilometers of beaches that washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the statue of Christ, the Sugar Loaf Mountain, and the Tizhuka Tropical Park. It is a city where the stone jungles, favelas, wild nature and people are living in one rhythm. You can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of Rio de Janeiro and see all the main and hidden sights of the city during a helicopter tour.

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    Ipanema Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Rio. The ocean here is more friendly and suitable for both surfers and those who just want to have a rest at the beach. Then you will move to Itakar - one of the main pearls of the Brazilian coast. This area is a real paradise on earth, with an incredibly beautiful landscape and kilometers of deserted beaches. Diving, water sports and well-deserved rest await you.

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    Another wonderful miracle of Brazilian nature is the Iguazu Falls. They are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil and strike the imagination with their power and magnitude. You can explore the waterfalls, from air and from water during the boat trip.



    Day 1

    Arrival in Rio de Janeiro

    Transfer to the hotel

    Relax on the beach (beach volleyball, surfing)

    Dinner at the restaurant

    Bar and party on the Copacabana beach

    Day 2


    Morning on the Ipanema beach (beach volleyball, surfing or shopping and visiting the Fair Hippie Fair)

    Lunch in the restaurant

    Inspection of Rio by helicopter

    Dinner and Brazilian show

    Private party at the hotel

    Day 3

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Flight to Ileus

    Transfer to Itacar

    Diving, water sports and rest

    День 4

    Water activities in the resort


    Day 5

    Flight to Rio

    Hotel check in

    Free time

    Day 6

    Flight to Iguazu

    Hotel check in

    Helicopter tour to waterfalls

    Day 7

    Waterfalls inspection from the boat


    День 8

    Flight to Rio

    International flight


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Accommodation in Rio

    – Helicopter tour in Rio

    – Accommodation in Itacar

    – Helicopter tour at Iguazu Falls

    – Photographer

    – Escort by a tour leader and a Spanish-speaking guide

    Not Included

    – Domestic flights

    – International flight

    – Visa

    – Insuarance