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    Snowmobile extreme

    Kamchatka Winter / Upcoming programs: february–may
    Activity types:
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    All SkidooKing programs take place the extreme avalanche region. Three main rules of being in mountains are constant attention, observation and caution. 

    Main theme of the program:

    • ⎯ Snowmobiles SkiDoo Summit X154 800R E-TEC of 2014 year: specifications and resources
    • ⎯ Private and group avalanche safety
    • ⎯ Main instructions in safety measures and mutual help
    • ⎯ Physical ability of the members and self-discipline
    • ⎯ First-aid treatment 

    Attention! Any person in alcohol and drug intoxication is not allowed to drive a snowmobile. It is prohibited to bring and drink alcohol beverages on a route.

    — An instructor can make a personal decision to debar any member from training. In that case payment is not refunded.

    — In case of rejection without reasonable excuse 50% of the deposit are not refunded.

    — Sudden illness or natural disaster can be accepted as a reasonable excuse.

    — If a participant damages a snowmobile he will have to pay all the expenses for snowmobile repair and transfer expenses as well. 

    accommodation at snow valley lodge

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    Day 1

    Arrival in Elizovo (30km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy), meeting, transfer to the Snow Valley Lodge

    Accommodation at the Snow Valley Lodge (located at the bottom of Vilyuchinsky volcano)

    19:00 Briefing with guides, safety instructions, the main aims and tasks of the course

    20:00 Dinner

    21:00 Video

    Free time, rest, acclimatization

    Day 2

    8:30 Breakfast

    9:00 Theoretical training, preparation of equipment, theoretical training of avalanche equipment use

    13:00 Departure to the route

    Training of the base skills of snowmobile riding in mountains, solving of simple situational tasks of avalanche training (avalanche situations), determination of training level of every school member

    18:00 return to the base, sum up

    20:00 Dinner. Free time, rest

    Day 3

    8:30 Breakfast

    9:00 Avalanche safety course. Course of technical knowledge about snowmobile operation

    13:00 Departure to the route. Training on the slopes, main skills of riding up and down, maneuvering, getting stuck and free. Training of avalanche and search equipment use in real environment; Training of the main skills of snowmobile operation

    18:00 return to the base, sum up

    20:00 Dinner. Free time, rest

    Day 4

    8:30 Breakfast

    9:00 Theoretical training. First-aid treatment training and evacuation training. Survival in difficult mountain conditions.

    13:00 Departure to a route. Riding skills improvement.

    17:00 Return to the lodge. Summarizing of training. Rewarding of members.

    20:00 Dinner. Free time, rest in hot springs.

    Day 5

    8:30 Breakfast

    Transfer to the airport


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Half board (breakfast and dinner) and lunch on the route

    – Accommodation at the “Snow Valley” lodge

    – Snowmobile rental

    – SnowPulse avalanche backpack

    – Avalanche sensors (transceivers), avalanche shovels, probes

    – Mechanical services

    – Fuel and other consumables

    – Professional guides for all of the routes

    – Group transfer airport-hotel-airport

    – Tour leader within the whole time of the program

    – Insurance with the limit of 200 000 rubles

    – Hot springs at the “Snow Valley” lodge

    – Souvenirs

    Not Included

    – Air tickets, all airport taxes

    – Emergency evacuation fee

    – Visa and other consular service

    – Individual transfers

    – Individual menu (drinks and meals not included in the group menu)

    – Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness etc;

    – Luggage exceeding fee

    – Snowmobile equipment and helmet


    – 50% of the program cost is paid at the moment of reservation, the other 50% on arrival at school

    – Deposit for snowmobile damage is 30 000 rubles (on arrival)


    – Group must consist of 10 people maximum

    – Nominal snowmobile for every member of a group

    – Snowmobile equipment and helmet are required. Available for rent and purchase (for request)

    – The routes can be changed depending on the group riding level, weather and snow conditions

    – Accompanying of guide-coach, snowmobile coach, mechanic, specialist of BRP service center in Kamchatka within the whole time of the program

    – The program is planned for good weather

    – We do not provide any refund for missed meals

    – You are obliged to have full cover insurance (medical and transportation expenses included)