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    Heli-ski safari / South

    Kamchatka Winter / Upcoming programs: april–may
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    Individual Tour
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    Scenic Flights


    This program is a tour around the south of Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and the Pacific Ocean which combines heli-skiing, snowmobile safari and marine adventure. 

    You are in for descending down the mountains and volcanoes, flight to an uninhabited island, freeride into the crater of an active volcano, seeing the coast of the Pacific Ocean, watching the natural wonder – volcano inside the volcano, and a lot of other breathtaking impressions!

    A week-long HELI-SKI program includes daily riding. Number of freerides depends on weather conditions, group training level, selected riding area, number of group members and their wishes.



    Day 1

    10.00 Arrival to the Elizovo City Airport (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city). Meeting at the airstair, welcome drinks reception in Polyot restaurant.

    11.30 Helicopter transfer to Snow Valley Mountain Lodge (the foot of Vilyuchinsky volcano).

    Accommodation in VIP cottages Pinea and Talo.

    14.00 Dinner.

    Meeting with guides, program discussion, briefing on the rules of conduct in the mountains and the use of anti-avalanche equipment etc.

    20.00 Supper.

    Relaxation and acclimatization, bathing in hot springs.

    Day 2

    9.00 Breakfast.

    10.00 Helicopter flight to the riding areas near the Mountain Lodge.

    Barkhatnaya mountain, Vilyuchinsky volcano and other mountains near the Mountain Lodge provide a wonderful opportunity to warm up.

    Day 3

    9.00 Breakfast.

    10.00 Helicopter flight to the riding areas on Gorely and Mutnovsky volcanoes.

    Freeride into the active Mutnovsky volcano is a truly unforgettable experience!

    Day 4

    8.00 Breakfast.

    9.30 Helicopter flight to Severo-Kurilsk settlement in the south of Kamchatka with riding mountains and volcanoes in passing.

    Lunch at the midcourse.

    Overnight accommodation at the hotel of Severo-Kurilsk city.

    Day 5

    8.00 Breakfast.

    9.30 Flight to the currently uninhabited Onekotan Island.

    Landing at the Chernoye lake, at the foot of Nemo volcano.


    Freeriding Krenitsyn volcano located inside the Koltsevoye lake.

    Landing at several points is possible.

    Overnight accommodation at the hotel of Severo-Kurilsk city.

    Day 6

    8.00 Breakfast.

    Flight to Alaid volcano (2,339 m).

    Lunch at the midcourse.

    Return to Snow Valley Mountain Lodge.

    Relaxation and bathing in the swimming pool with thermal water.

    Day 7

    Relaxation time in Snow Valley Mountain Lodge.

    Snowmobile riding training – 3 hours.

    Preparation of equipment for departure to snowmobile safari.

    Day 8

    8.00 Breakfast.

    Departure to the route to the Russkaya Bay – one of the most picturesque bays in the south-east of Kamchatka.

    Supper of seafood specialties aboard the motorboat.

    Overnight accommodation aboard the motorboat.

    Day 9

    9.00 Breakfast.

    After breakfast, we will ride a motor boat to the Kekurny Cape to observe the sea kings.

    Arrival to the Seaport.

    Transfer to the hotel of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city.

    Supper at a city restaurant.

    Day 10

    9.00 Breakfast.

    10.00 Transfer to airport.

    Departure via the International sector zone.


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Advance booking payment 50%.

    – Final payment is effected at least 15 days before the beginning of the tour.


    – Terms of refund for unfulfilled riding program:

    – The group may insist on flight to the riding area against the guides’ advice and in instable weather conditions. Such a decision should be made together with the crew and on the basis of the Flight Safety Rules and Requirements and real weather forecast. In case any riding program is not fulfilled due to real weather conditions, safety considerations etc. no refund is made.

    – No refund is made for any freerides not performed due to other reasons (such as gear malfunctioning, physical condition, late departure or early arrival through the customer’s fault etc.).

    – If less than 8 hours of scheduled helicopter time were used during the riding, the refund is made for the actual number of unflown hours at the rate of 235,000 rubles per hour (for the whole group).

    – If more than 8 hours of scheduled helicopter time were used during the riding, 285,000 rubles are additionally charged for each extra hour (from the whole group).