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    Heliski in Abkhazia

    Krasnaya Polyana / Upcoming programs: december–april
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    Scenic Flights
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    We bring to your attention snowy Abkhazia, the flights to which have become more accessible from this year!

    An hour's drive from Krasnaya Polyana, there is a helipad and a 4-seat helicopter (model Allouete III SA-319 and SA341 Gazelle) which can take 3 passengers and a guide. After a short flight you will be able to enjoy all the charm of descents in one of the best places for Heliski in the Caucasus.

    Mountainous Abkhazia includes the mountains of Ah-Ag, Arabica, Ancho, the Bzybsky Range and Lake Ritsa. The average elevation difference is about 800 m. The drop zone is at an altitude of 2200-2700 metres, with a further take-off at an altitude of 1300-1800 metres.

    You will find a variety of riding to any taste and excellent snow conditions!



    Day 1

    Early departure from Krasnaya Polyana to helipad


    Light lunch on the way

    Transfer back to Krasnaya Polyana


    60000 RUB


    – 4 спуска

    – противолавинное снаряжение (рюкзак ABS, датчик, щуп, лопата)

    – 1 гид (на группа 3 человека)

    – легкий ланч

    – трансфер из Красной Поляны и обратно (время в пути 1 час)

    Not Included

    – Авиаперелет

    – Трансфер из Аэропорта до Красной Поляны

    – Проживание

    – Страховка


    – Дополнительные спуски и возврат за неиспользованные спуски: 10 000 рублей

    – При активации системы ABS вне ситуации угрозы схода лаваны оплата: 10 000 рублей