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    Heliski and adventures in Futangue National Park

    Patagonia / Upcoming programs: october–november
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    We created a unique program in Chilean Patagonia for you. The action takes place in the Futangue National Park. This park is a real miracle of nature. We combined many activities in this area to amaze you. The trip includes heliskiing in the area of the Futangue Park, rafting, kayaking and rappelling in the Riñinahue waterfalls, and fishing for rainbow and brown trout as well. We will drive on the ATVs to the highest viewpoint of the park and while descending on mountain bikes through “The Sky Trail” we will see the most picturesque waterfalls and lagoons. We planned a romantic overnight in tents by the hot springs, sightseeing of the fumarole and geysers and also walks through the lava fields of Puyehue volcano.



    Day 1

    Morning arrival in Santiago

    11:25 Flight Santiago — Puerto-Montt

    13:10 Arrival in Puerto-Montt

    Transfer to Futangue private park in the Lake Ranco

    15:50 Arrival to the park, accommodation at the lodge

    Meet the guides, welcome coffee, introduction of the program, weather conditions, etc.

    Optional visit to a beautiful waterfall in the Riñinahue River (three minutes’ drive from the lodge)

    20:30 Dinner

    Day 2

    7:00 Morning fishing: rainbow and brown trout, about 10-15 minutes’ drive from the lodge

    9:00 Traditional breakfast with homemade bread and honey harvested from the native forest

    10:30 Heliski (helipad lands near the lodge), lunch on the route

    15:00 Return to the lodge, rest

    16:00 Rafting in the Riñinahue River

    17:30 Rappelling in the Riñinahue waterfalls and then kayaking to the lake

    20:00 Barbecue on the shore

    22:00 Return to the lodge (about 10 min)

    Day 3

    7:00 Optional morning fishing (rainbow and brown trout), about 10-15 minutes’ drive from the lodge

    9:00 Breakfast

    10:30 Heliski, lunch on the route

    15:00 Return to the lodge

    16:00 ATV ride to Pichi Lagoon (about 15 minutes)

    16:20 Fishing

    19:20 Return to the lodge

    20:00 Dinner

    Day 4

    7:00 Optional fishing (rainbow and brown trout), about 10-15 minutes' drive from the lodge

    9:00 Breakfast

    10:30 Heliski

    14:30 Lunch in the mountains, sightseeing

    16:30 Flight to the hot springs in camp

    20:00 Dinner in the camp, overnight in tents

    Day 5

    7:30 Breakfast in the camp

    8:30 Flight to the lodge (about 10 min)

    10:30 ATV trip to Pitreño Lagoon (located 1000 meters over the sea level). On the way, we stop to take pictures on the hanging bridge.

    13:00 Barbecue on the shore

    15:30 Activities: fishing (4 people), kayaking (4 people), trekking around the lagoon, ATV trips

    20:30 Dinner, rest, sauna

    Day 6

    7:00 Fishing

    9:00 Breakfast in lodge

    10:00 ATV ride to the highest viewpoint of the park

    Descend on mountain bikes through “The Sky Trails”

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 ATV ride to the hot springs

    17:00 Arrival to the lodge, accommodation, rest

    A short walk, seeing of geysers

    19:30 Dinner, rest

    Day 7

    9:00 Breakfast, rest in hot springs (if you wish)

    12:00 ATV ride to Green Lagoon (Laguna Verde)

    Return to the lodge

    14:30 Lunch at the lodge in Riñinahue

    You can walk to the nearest viewpoints, fish, enjoy the hot tub or just rest in the guest house

    20:30 Farewell dinner

    Day 8

    5:30 Breakfast at the lodge

    6:10 Transfer to the airport

    10:05 Departure to Santiago

    11:45 Arrival in Santiago

    International flight


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Accommodation: 4 nights in Futangue lodge, 1 night in the camp, 1 night in Pitreño lodge, 1 night in the lodge at the hot springs

    – Meals: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, including soft drinks and 3 bottles of wine per group for lunch and dinner

    – Transfer from Puerto-Montt to the national park and back

    – Fishing up to 3 hours

    – Activities mentioned in the program

    – Inner flight Santiago – Puerto-Montt – Santiago (only economy class)

    – Insurance

    – Heliski: 6 helicopter hours

    – Helicopter ferry (around 2 hours)

    – Professional guides: Maxim Balakhovskii and Beb Echene

    – Avalanche equipment: beeper, shovels, probes, ABS backpack

    – Delivery of equipment to Patagonia

    – Accommodation and meals for the crew (pilot and mechanical engineer)

    – Tour leader within the whole time of the trip

    – Camera man Grego Campi: fee and expenses (accommodation, meals, heliski and arrival)

    Not Included

    – International flight

    – Activities, meals or alcohol not mentioned in the program

    – Personal expenses