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    Jeep tour through Patagonia

    Patagonia / Upcoming programs: september–may
    Activity types:
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    Amazing animals
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    Jeep tour
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    We created for you an exclusive 12-day jeep tour through all the miracles of Patagonia. The program is full of different activities. So be ready for a long road, ferries, waterfalls, glaciers, rafting, fishing, tents and a world of amazing animals!

    Our route starts in Araucania region that is famous by volcanoes, diverse flora and national parks. Pucon town is located on a coastline of Villaricca blue lake, which impresses by its beauty. Here you can see one of the most active volcanoes of the world. Then comes Huilo-Huilo – UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – the second largest reserve in the world. Here are hotels with a unique design: La Montana Magica and Bao Bab, and wonderful hot springs.

    In Hornopiren you can see many lakes, mountains and glaciers. These are “the gates” of all southern routes. We’ll cross the picturesque fjords and get to a city which is buried under the ashes. Shaiten volcano erupted in 2008. And it almost destroyed the nearest cities. Then goes La Junta – an ideal place for fishing, rafting and kayaking. Here the Rosselot River flows into the larger Palena River.

    We will go through Koyayke – «The City of Eternal Snow». On the way to Puerto Tranquilo we will see waterfalls. And on the Lago Tranquilo we'll be able to observe unusual blue marble formations - Capillas de Marmol. Then comes Tres Lagos (Three Lakes), a 5-star resort, where is the most popular pastime is fly-fishing.  But you can ride horses here as well. And also there is the best lamb barbecue.

    Argentina starts with The Pampas. This nature area has low vegetation, open flat lands, rivers and lakes. There you can see guanaco, wild horse and argentine armadillo. After the Perito Moreno glacier and a long road we will get to the pearl of Patagonia – national park Torres del Paine. And there long-expected comfort of eco hotel Lago Grey awaits us. 

    From the seaport Punta Arenas we are getting back to Santiago by plane.



    1 day

    9:30 Arrival in Santiago, getting luggage, check-in for internal flight

    11:45 Flight to Temuco

    12:45 Arrival in Temuco

    13:00 The begging of jeep tour: going to Pucon

    14:30 Accommodation at the Villarika Park Lake Hotel, rest

    16:00 Departure to Huife hot springs through the Pucon town

    18:00 Arrival at hot springs

    20:30 Dinner at a restaurant at the hot springs (sashimi, fish)

    22:30 Return to the hotel

    2 day

    7:00 Breakfast at Villarica Park Lake Hotel

    8:30 Check-out from the hotel

    9:00 Departure to the Geometric thermal springs

    11:00 Arrival at the thermal springs

    13:00 Lunch (soup, sandwiches, vegetables)

    14:00 Departure to the Huilo Huilo Reserve

    16:30 Arrival at the Bao Bab Hotel, check - in

    18:00 Rest in hot springs

    19:00 Dinner (barbecue lamb)

    3 day

    7:00 Brakfast at the Huilo Huilo Hotel

    8:00 Check-out

    8:30 Departure Puerto Varas - Puerto Montt

    11:00 Arrival in Puerto Montt

    13:00 Ferry to Kaleta Arena village

    16:00 Arrival in Hornopiren, pitching camp, barbecue

    17:00 Fishing

    19:00 Free time, rest, dinner

    4 day

    8:00 Breakfast at the camp

    9:00 Departure from the camp

    13:00 Departure by ferry «Fiordo Largo», sailing to Kaleta Gonzalo

    14:00 Sailing by ferry to Porcelana village

    15:00 Arrival in Porcelana, going to Chaitén town

    16:00 Arrival in Chaitén town, pitching camp with lake and rivers view

    17:00 Fishing

    19:00 Dinner – barbecue

    5 day

    7:00 Breakfast in camp

    8:30 Driving to La Junta

    11:00 Arrival at a rafting base near La Junta. Fishing, rafting

    14:00 Dinner

    15:00 Departure to Puyuhuapi

    16:00 Boating to theTake a Puyuhuapi Resort, accommodation, rest in hot springs

    20:00 Dinner, rest

    6 day

    9:00 Breakfast at the hotel

    10:00 Return to the route: boat and cars

    11:30 Departure to Coyhaique, dinner

    16:00 Arrival at the hotel

    20:00 Dinner at the best restaurant of the town

    21:00 Party at a bar

    7 day

    9:00 Breakfast at the hotel

    10:00 Departure to Lago Tranquilo (Quiet Lake)

    15:00 Arrival, pitching camp

    15:30 Departure to Capillas de Marmol or fishing in camp

    18:00 Dinner – barbecue

    8 day

    9:00 Breakfast at the camp

    10:30 Boat trip on Leones Lake

    15:00 Departure to the hotel Tres Lagos

    * Boating on the General Carrera lake, horseback riding and sightseeing are possible

    18:00 Dinner – barbecue

    9 day

    8:30 Breakfast

    09:30 Departure to Argentina border, driving to El Calafate

    16:00 Arrival at the Calafate Hotel Imago

    17:30 Sightseeing, rest

    10 day

    9:00 Breakfast

    09:30 Meeting with a local guide, departure to the Perito Moreno glacier

    12:30 Lunch at a reastaurant

    13:30 Departure to the national park Torres del Paine

    19:00 Arrival, accommodation at the Lago Grey hotel

    21:00 Dinner at the hotel

    11 day

    9:00 Breakfast at the hotel

    10:00 Visiting of the National Park Torres del Paine

    20:00 Dinner at the hotel

    12 day

    10:00 Departure to Punta Arenas

    18:00 Flight to Santiago, transfer to W Hotel, accommodation, free time

    13 day

    9:00 Breakfast at the hotel, free time, transfet to the airport, international flight


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Single accommodation at the hotels included in program (can be changed)

    – Double accommodation in camp

    – Meals (breakfasts and dinners in camps) and work of a cook

    – Jeep rent (at the rate of 1 car for 4 people)

    – Petrol and highway-user tax

    – Returning of vehicles back to Temuko

    – Visiting of hot springs, national parks, rafting, fishing, boat trips (that are laid on)

    – Internal flights Santiago – Temuko, Punta Arenas – Santiago

    – Transfers in Santiago

    – Professional guides