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    Survival on the Marshall Islands

    The Marshall Islands / Upcoming programs: january–december
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    Marshall Islands – a cluster of atolls in the Pacific ocean, in Micronesia.

    Paradise with turquoise water: luxurious rooms, delicious menu, modern boat, diving, surfing, kite, fishing... This is exactly what you need for a perfect holiday on the Islands...away from civilization...

    Will you challenge yourself and stay for 5 days on one of uninhabited Islands? Without additional luxury things and without permanent service, challenge yourself with the pure nature and the ocean!



    Day 1

    10.35 Arrival to Majuro-the capital of Marshall Islands.

    Check in for private flight.

    12:30 Flight to Ailinglaplap Atoll (Big Island).

    13:10 Arrival to Island,check in.

    13:45 Boarding for Beran Island.

    14:30 Landing on resort.

    15:00 Dinner

    Accommodation, rest

    19:00 Supper

    Possible night fishing.

    Day 2

    08:00 Breakfast

    09:00 Shipment to uninhabited Island(1,5 hours)

    10:30 Welcome to inhabited Island! Start of the program.

    Day 3-7

    Inhabited Island exploring.

    Day 6

    15:30 Boat crew. Resort supper and rest.

    Day 7


    Free time at resort.

    Morning fishing.

    13:00 Boat trip to Ailinglaplap Atoll (Big Island).

    13:45 Arrival, check in.

    15:00 Private trip to Manjuro.

    15:40 Arrival to Manjuro, baggage.

    18:00 check in to back flight

    20:05 Flight to Manjuro-Honolulu


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    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Private use of Beran Island resort.(living, meal, servival equipment)

    – Private use of Island according to tribes codex

    – Private flight to Manjuro

    – Trip from Ailinglaplap to Manjuro

    – Boat trip for journeys

    – Doctor services

    – Local guide services

    – Survival equipment: underwater guns, machetes

    – Accommodation in Best Western The Plaza in Honolulu(1 night)

    – Visa fees for Marshall Islands

    – Insurance

    – Accompanying by Maxim Balakhovskii

    – Cameramen services (for request)

    Not Included

    – International flight from Manjuro and back

    – The USA visa fees

    – Personal costs