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    A week in Kamchatka. Freeride every day

    Kamchatka Winter / Upcoming programs: february–april
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    Scenic Flights


    Combined variation of the program, including freeride skiing using snowmobiles in the first days of your stay for rolling out and preparing for a more difficult stage - flight to Heliski program.

    In addition to heliski, you are also waiting for the expedition snowmobile route. It will be a good opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to manage a snowmobile in conditions of unprepared trails and difficult mountainous terrain.

    Thanks to such a mixture of activities, you will be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the Kamchatka volcano's edge.



    День 1

    Arrival to the airport of Yelizovo (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). A meeting. Transfer to the hotel

    accommodation at the snow-base "Snow Valley" (the foot of the Viluchinsky volcano)

    Execution of documents

    Instruction on the rules of behavior in the mountains, the use of avalanche equipment, etc.

    Recreation and acclimatization

    Пятница - Воскресенье
    День 2 - День 4

    10:00 Beginning of the program of snowboarding and downhill skiing with a snowmobile

    18:00 End of skiing, return to the mountain-sports base "Snow Valley"

    Rest, swimming in the pool with thermal water, a sauna if desired

    These days we will tackle "fan" riding from the Hot Hill with a snowmobile. We make descents on the snow-covered forest, the length of 1-1.5 km and a height drop of 500 m.

    This will be an excellent opportunity to experience for yourself the state of snow cover and warm up before more serious descents in the following days.

    Day 5

    10:00 Checking all equipment before departure

    Departure to Heliski route

    14:00 Lunch on the route

    18:00 End of skiing, return to the mountain-sports base "Snow Valley"

    Rest, swimming in the pool with thermal water, a sauna if desired

    Skating from various mountain peaks, up to 1500 m in height, near the base "Snow Valley".

    Tuesday Wednesday
    Day 6 - Day 7

    Reserve day in case of non-flying weather, as well as for recreation

    If you wish, you can arrange a sightseeing trip outside the base

    Rest, swimming in the pool with thermal water, a sauna if desired

    Day 8

    09:00 Departure to one of the radial routes on snowmobiles: the ocean, hot springs or the crater of an active volcano

    18:00 Return to the mountain-sports base "Snow Valley"

    Rest, swimming in the pool with thermal water, a sauna if desired

    Day 9

    08:00 Breakfast

    09:00 Transfer to the airport (on the way, if desired, visiting the fish market)

    13:00 Departure to Moscow


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – 2 hours of clean helicopter time

    – Accommodation at the snow base "Snow Valley", located in the valley of Verkhny-Paratunsky thermal springs: VIP cottage "Pinea" 02.03 - 05.03, VIP cottage "Mois" 05.03-10.03, tourist house Lillevila 02.03-10.03 (4 rooms with double accommodation)

    – Three meals a day (breakfast, dinner and lunch on the itinerary during skiing)

    – The program of riding with a hill Hot with snowmobiles (3 snowmobiles, 3 days)

    – Rent of snowmobiles for expeditionary departure on snowmobiles - 8 pcs.

    – Service by professional guides on all routes - 2 persons

    – Anti-avalanche equipment (beepers (probes), probes, shovels)

    – Group transfers for the duration of the whole program. Airport - base - airport. All additional transport requests are paid separately

    – Bathhouse - 1 session

    – Insurance

    – ABS Backpack

    Not Included

    – Additional helicopter time in excess of 2 hours planned in the program

    – The cost of the ticket to the place of start / end of the program, all airport taxes

    – Rental of ski and snowboard equipment

    – Cost of evacuation in case of emergency

    – The cost of visa and consular services

    – Individual transfers

    – Dishes and drinks not included in the price of the group menu

    – Additional costs caused by bad weather conditions, changes in flight schedules, equipment breakdown, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances

    – Excess baggage allowance

    – Services for the preparation of ski / snowboard equipment


    – Advance payment for booking is 50%

    – The final settlement is made no later than 40 days before the start of the tour.

    – Return to the group at the rate of 210 000 rubles per hour

    – Supplement to the group at the rate of 265 000 rubles / hour