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    One week in Kamchatka. VIP heliski "Tumroki"

    Kamchatka Winter / Upcoming programs: december–may
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    Individual Tour


    In this program you will find lots of volcanoes, the most breathtaking scenery and hot springs.

    Karymskiy volcano is very active. During the 20th century it has grown by 330m, and during the latest period of activity started from 2002 it's grown 12m more for only half a year. At the moment the volcano remains active, throwing out gas-water and smoke.

    Maliy Semyachik volcano is also active, but at the moment its activity is not high. You won`t see volcanic eruptions like in Karymskiy volcano. This volcano specific feature is the acid lake situated in its crater. It's an elliptic lake, 500m in diameter and 140m in depth. The water is unusual - it's a highly mineralized saline containing almost all the Mendeleyev table elements, mainly ferrum (Fe) and aluminium (Al). From above the lake seems to be emerald. This effect comes from sub-water fumaroles and particulate solids of sulphur and its compounds dissoluted in water.

    The Tumroki tourist base (a 1hour and 40minutes flight from Elizovo) is situated in one of the most picturesque places of the Milkovskiy region at the foot of the active volcano Kizimen. The base consists of a three-storeyed hotel, two-storeyed canteen and a keeper lodge. It can accommodate 21-29 people: there are 2 de luxe suites and seven rooms for 2-3 people. On the first floor there is a bar, a pool (billiard) room and a guest room, TV and karaoke are available. In 300m from the hotel there are several pools with healing thermal water, changing rooms and a natural drinking water spring called Narzan. You can reach the springs by comfortable wooden paths lightened in the nighttime. Water in different thermal springs contains hydrocarbonate, chloride, natrium (Na), silicium (Si), barium (Ba), arsenium, carbone dioxide (CO2) and other minerals. 

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    The Klyuchevskaya volcano group is an extremely grand and impressive range. Here in this relatively small area you can find the highest mountains, the largest glaciers and the most active volcanoes in the whole Kamchatka peninsula. There are 14 volcanoes in the Kluchevskaya group, including Klyuchevskoy volcano (4750m) - the highest active volcano in Eurasia, Kamen (4575m), Ushkovskiy (4057m), Krestovskiy (3943m), Ostriy Tolbachik (3682m), Ploskiy Tolbachik (3085m), Bezimyanniy (2869m), Ovalnaya Zimina (3081m), Ostraya Zimina (2744m), Bolshaya Udina (2943m), Srednyaya (2990m), Zarechniy, Kharchinskiy. Among which Klyuchevskoy, Ushkovskiy, Ploskiy Tolbachik and Bezymyanniy are active ones. 



    1 day

    Arrival at Elizovo airport (30km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy)

    Accommodation in "Snow Valley" lodge

    Bathing in thermal pools

    Dinner; meeting with the guides; getting information on the program; rest and acclimatization

    2 day

    9.00 Breakfast

    11.00 Departure to the Tumroki base

    12.00 Overview of Karymskiy volcano (1536m), the Semyachikskiye group of volcanoes: Maliy Semyachyk (1541m), Central Semyachyk (1200m), Bolshoi Semyachyk or Zubchataya (1700m). You can also visit Kaldera Uzon - a huge depression with a diameter of 9-12km. A variety of hydro thermal shows can be observed there.

    14.00 Accommodation at Tumroki base

    15.00 Lunch

    16.00 Bathing in thermal springs

    19.00 Dinner; rest and acclimatization

    3 day

    9.00 Breakfast

    11.00 Departure to Esso village for helicopter refilling

    14.00 Overview of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes

    15.00 Lunch in the mountains

    18.00 Return to the base

    19.00 Dinner, bathing in thermal springs, rest

    4 day

    9.00 Breakfast

    10.00 Departure to the heliskiing area

    13.30 Lunch

    18.00 Return to the base

    19.00 Dinner, bathing in thermal springs, rest

    5-6 day

    9.00 Breakfast

    10.00 Departure to the heliskiing area

    13.30 Lunch

    18.00 Return to the base

    19.00 Dinner; bathing in thermal pools; rest

    7 day

    10.00 Breakfast

    12.00 Departure to Elizovo

    14.00 Accommodation in "Snow Valley" lodge

    15.00 Lunch

    19.00 Dinner; bathing in thermal pools; rest

    8 day

    9.00 Breakfast

    10.00 Departure to Elizovo

    12.40 Departure to Moscow


    Each program is always calculated individually, contact us to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call back and calculate the cost.


    – Meals (breakfast and dinner) and lunch (on the route) - in heli-skiing days. In days reserved: breakfast, lunch and dinner (extra meals and beverages not included in the package paid by the clients)

    – Accommodation in "Snow Valley" (standard doubles)

    – Accommodation in "Tumroki" base

    – Helicopter time - 12 hours

    – Professional guides' service with minimum 2 guides per group

    – Anti-avalanche equipment rent

    – Dog sledge program for 10 people

    – Transfers for the whole program duration (airport-hotel-airport, hotel-helipad-hotel, all transfers, planned according to the program), all other transportation requests are paid extra

    – Group assistant for the whole tour duration

    Not Included

    – All air fees and airport charges

    – Emergency evacuation fees

    – Ski passes in ski resorts

    – Tickets for visiting thermal pools, located outside the hotel territory

    – Meals and beverages not included in the group menu

    – Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness etc.

    – Luggage exceeding fee

    – Equipment preparation services

    – Insurance


    – 30% of the program cost is paid upon application

    – Full cost should be paid no later than 40 days prior to the start of the program


    – Routes for heliskiing are chosen by the guides and depend on the group riding level, weather and snow conditions

    – The program is planned for good weather

    – You are required to have insurance, covering medical and evacuation expenses