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    One-day Heliski in Kamchatka

    Kamchatka Winter / Upcoming programs: december–may
    Activity types:
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    Heliski - the best way of alpine skiing and freeride, the helicopter will take you to the untouched snow slopes away from the hackneyed lines. Kamchatka - one of the most snowy places on the planet and the only one where heliski possible on active volcanoes. The one-day program heliskiing on the Kamchatka will allow you to appreciate the native beauties of it at high speed.

    It includes 1,5 helicopter hours (4-6 runs with the total vertical drop of approx. 5000 meters. Fly and ski on one of volcano slopes: Viluchinskiy (2173m), Avachinskiy (2741m), Aag (2310m), Arik (2300m), Mutnovskiy (2323m), Zhupanovskiy (2932m). Skiing down to the Pacific Ocean shore or to the active volcano crater is also possible.

    А helicopter lands at Snow Valley Lodge. 

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    Program conditions:

    • – Group must consist of 12 people minimum (otherwise the price increases)
    • – Maximum people quantity in one group - 15
    • – The heliski routes are chosen by the guides and depend on the group riding level, weather and snow conditions
    • – The program is planned for good weather
    • – We do not provide any refund for missed meals
    • – You are obliged to have full cover insurance (medical and transportation expenses included



    Any Day
    1 day

    09.00 Main instructions in safety measures, heliski rules etc.

    10.30 Take-off to the heliski area, lunch in the mountains

    17.00 Return to the base


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    75000 RUB


    – 2 helicopter hours (4-6 runs of heliski with the total drop of altitude of approx. 5000m)

    – Professional guides with the ratio of 2 or more guides for one group

    – Lunch

    – Avalanche sensors (transceivers), avalanche shovels, probes

    Not Included

    – Air tickets, all airport taxes

    – Ski, snowboard and other equipment rental fee

    – Emergency evacuation fee

    – Visa and other consular service

    – Individual transfers

    – Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness etc.

    – Luggage exceeding fee

    – Equipment repair service fee

    – Insurance


    – 50% of the program cost is paid upon application

    – Full cost should be paid no later than 40 days prior to the start of the program


    – If it is used more than 2 helicopter hours during a day, the group share additional time expanses from the ratio 1 helicopter hour=329 000 rubles

    – If it is used less than 2 helicopter hours during a day, we refund 285 000 rubles per 1 helicopter hour to be divided between the group

    – We do not give money back to the client if the runs didn't happen because of other reasons, such as broken equipment, illness, late take-off or early landing, caused by the client