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    Photo tour to Kamchatka "box of impessions"

    Kamchatka Summer/Fall / Upcoming programs: september
    Activity types:
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    Individual Tour
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    Amazing animals
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    Scenic Flights
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    The photo tour is a unique opportunity to see and photograph the main beauties of Kamchatka, to acquire new knowledge and to increase your level of photography, being in the company of a professional photographer in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

    You are going to take the theoretical and practical classes throughout the trip, as well as tests of professional equipment from Leis and Sony.

    You will visit the most beautiful and conservation areas of Kamchatka and get from this trip a maximum of unforgettable impressions, knowledge and unique photos!



    Day 1

    10:00 Arrival to Elizovo (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

    Meeting, welcome buffet

    On request - visit a fish market with a wide variety of fresh fish products

    Transfer to the mountain base "Snow Valley" (located at the bottom of Vilyuchinskiy volcano, approx. 1,5h)

    14:00 Accommodation at the VIP cottage Pinea

    15:00 Lunch

    16:00 ATV training, technical elements of driving

    19:00 Meeting with guides, discussing the program, checking the equipment

    20:00 Dinner

    Free time, rest in the hot springs

    Day 2

    08:00 Breakfast

    09:00 Jeep trip to Mutnovskiy and Goreliy volcanoes - about 50km (approx. 2h)

    14:00 Lunch on the route

    Climbing up Mutnovskiy volcano. Time of climbing, descent and walking is about 5 hours

    Visiting of the snowy caves

    Day 3

    09:00 Breakfast

    10:00 ATV trip to the 80-meter high waterfall called Opasny

    11:30 Driving to the caves of Gorely volcano

    Walk through the picturesque area of the old lava flow, visiting caves

    Back to the Snow Valley mountains base

    20:00 Dinner

    Free time, rest in the hot springs

    Day 4

    08:00 Breakfast

    09:30 Helicopter flight to the south of Kamchatka, to Kurilskoe lake (1 hour 30 minutes on the way)

    Territory observation, watching the bears catching salmon

    Boat trip on the lake

    13:00 Helicopter flight to the Kosheleva volcano. Observation of the Sulfur waterfalls and the Gremuchiye sources (flight duration is approx. 20 min);

    14:00 Helicopter flight to the Khodutka volcano (flight duration is approx. 40 min);

    15:00 Arriving at Khodutkinskiye hot springs. Lunch. Bathing in the hot springs.

    17:00 Flight to the Nizhne-Opalinskie mineral sources, fishing

    19:00 Arrival at the Snow Valley mountain base

    20:00 Dinner. Meeting guides, checking the equipment. program discussion.

    Rest, Russian banya (sauna) on request

    Day 5

    08:00 Breakfast

    09:00 Flight by a helicopter to the Valley of Geysers (1 hour 15 minutes). Along the way, we will overfly the so-called “home” volcanos: Koryakskiy, Avachinskiy and Kozelskiy

    10:30 Arrival to the Valley of Geysers, a two-hour excursion

    13:30 Flying over the most active volcanoes: Karymskiy and Maly Semyachik (the landing at the crater is possible)

    14:30 Landing the Karamskiy Lake

    16:30 Flight to Zhupanova river

    Guides and all the necessary equipment for the camp and rafting will be delivered by a separate cargo helicopter.

    20:00 Dinner with a freshly caught fish

    Overnight in tents

    Day 6

    09:00 Breakfast

    10:00 Fishing, packing back the camp and equipment, flight by helicopter to Morzhovaya Bay

    Lunch at the beach

    Lunch on the route made of freshly caught fish

    Flight to Bechevinskaya Bay where the abandoned garrison settlement is located

    Return flight to the Snow Valley lodge (approx.. 1 h). Along the way, we will overfly the so-called “home” volcanos: Koryakskiy, Avachinskiy and Kozelskiy

    20:00 Dinner

    Free time, rest in the hot springs

    Day 7

    09:00 Breakfast

    10:00 Helicopter transfer to Russkaya Bay

    Boat trip to Kekurniy promontory, watching the sea-lions rookery. There is also a possibility to see many birds and sea otters families.

    A professional diver will accompany us during the trip. He will catch fresh crabs and sea-urchins

    Lunch on the boat with fresh seafood delicacies

    Boat trip to Starichkov island with a marine fishing on the route

    It is possible to get close to the resting seals and birds colonies

    A picturesque cruising to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy

    Arrival, transfer to the park hotel Severnie Priklucheniya

    Dinner, rest

    Day 8

    10:00 Breakfast

    Transfer to the airport

    Flight to Moscow


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    760000 RUB


    – Accommodation - mountain base Snow Valley: cottage Pinea (6 bedrooms);

    – Accommodation in the hotel Severnie Prilklycheniya (1 night)

    – 10 helicopter hours (MI-8MTV)

    – 1 helicopter hour (MI-8, equipment delivery);

    – Rent of 8 ATVs according to the program schedule;

    – “Princess” ship rental according to the program schedule;

    – Tent camping according to the program schedule (2 persons per a tent);

    – Meals – full board;

    – All group transfers included in program. All additional requests for transportation are paid separately;

    – Rafting equipment rental;

    – Boats rental according to the program schedule;

    – Fishing and camping equipment rental;

    – Fishing license on the Zhupanova River;

    – Excursion according to the program: Kurilskoe Lake, The Valley of Geysers and caldera of Uzon volcano;

    – Professional guides;

    – Professional diver;

    – Services of a chef on the route;

    – Photography coaching.

    Not Included

    – Program price does not include:

    – Air tickets, all airport taxes;

    – Emergency evacuation fee;

    – Visa and other consular services;

    – Individual transfers;

    – Individual menu (drinks and meals not included to the group menu);

    – Additional expenses caused by bad weather conditions, airport time-table changes, equipment breakage, illness etc;

    – Luggage exceeding fee;

    – Diving equipment rental;

    – Rental of equipment required for trips not included in the program


    – 50% of the program cost is paid upon application

    – Full cost should be paid no later than 40 days prior to the start of the program


    – The group must consist of 10 people

    – The program is planned for good weather

    – Refund or cash compensation for missed meals - not provided

    – It is necessary to have insurance covering medical care and medical and transportation expenses

    – The group share additional time expenses from the ratio 1 helicopter hour=288 000 rubles (MI-8MTV)

    – Conditions of return in non-flying weather: 250 000 rubles per 1 helicopter hour to be divided between the group (MI-8MTV)