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    Unique heli-ski safari: Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands

    Kamchatka Winter / Upcoming programs: april–may
    Activity types:
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    Individual Tour
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    Scenic Flights


    The main plan of the trip is a trip to the south of Kamchatka and riding from the volcanoes of the Kuril Islands. Along the way, descents from volcanoes are possible: Mutnovsky (2,322 m), Asacha (1,910 m), Opala (2,475 m), Ilyinsky (1,577 m).

    Upon returning from the Kuril Islands, a stop is planned in the tent camp and an overnight stay overlooking the erupting Cambal volcano. Further, after a short rest at the mountain-sports base "Snow Valley", you will be waited by a small snowmobile expedition, the completion of which will be arrival to Russkaya Bay and a picturesque sea passage to the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

    The name of the island of Onekotan originated from Ainu: Onne kotan, where onne is "old, big," kotan "village, town", that is, originally referred only to the village on the island. The area is 425 km ². On the island there are active volcanoes located in the calderas of the more ancient volcanoes: Krenitsyn (1324 meters) in the caldera of Tao-Rusyr in the southern part and Nemo (1019 meters) in the northern part.

    The island is almost entirely overgrown with cedar stlant and alder-cedar woodland with a height of trees up to 2-4 meters. In the summer-autumn period, an abundance of berries ripens on the island: crawberry, blueberry, cloudberry. The largest beasts on the island are foxes, but there is also a lot of various small rodents. Seals and sea lions frolic on the coast.

    The Krenitsyn volcano is the biggest volcano in a volcano on the globe. The volcano is surrounded by the deepest freshwater lake on the Russian islands. The maximum depth, which was fixed by scientists, was 264 meters. This is a measured value, but, apparently, is not the limit for Lake Koltsevoy. The diameter of the giant caldera bowl is more than 7 kilometers, the height of its walls above the lake level reaches 500 meters.

    The volcano Ksudach (1079m) is located in the southern part of Kamchatka. It is a truncated cone with a base of 18 * 22km, crowned by a vast caldera 7 * 9km, which in turn consists of smaller calderas and volcanic structures of different ages. In the northern part there is a young cone Stubel, height of 77 m. In the crater of Stubel there is the same lake. Small lakes are also found in the eastern and north-eastern parts of the volcano, one of which is called Kluchevoe Lake. Ksudach is famous for its unusually powerful eruption, which occurred in March 1907 from the cone of Stubel. Ash falls were of such magnitude that they could spread throughout Kamchatka, and in the West they reached the mainland coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Also, unprecedented destruction of vegetation was noted. The ancient forests of the stone birch near the volcano were completely destroyed. At present, fumarolic and hydrothermal activity is observed on the volcano, natural outcrops of thermal water are observed along the shores of the lakes Klyuchevoy and Shtyubel.



    Day 1

    10:00 Arrival to the airport of Elizovo (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). A meeting.

    11:00 Ground transfer to the helipad (about 30 minutes)

    12:00 Helicopter transfer to the snow base "Snow Valley" (the foot of the Viluchinsky volcano) ". On the road 15 minutes

    Accommodation in the cottages "Talo" and "Pinea"

    Briefing with guides, guidance on the rules of behavior in the mountains, the use of avalanche equipment, etc.

    Heliski in the vicinity of the base

    20:00 Dinner

    Recreation and acclimatization, bathing in hot springs

    Day 2

    08:00 Breakfast

    09:30 Departure of the Kuril Lake with a passing heliski ride

    There are possible descents from volcanoes: Mutnovsky (2,322 m), Asacha (1,910 m), Opala (2,475 m), Ilyinsky (1,577 m)

    Lunch on route

    Observation of the eagles and the awakening bears

    Arrival and accommodation in the cottage on Cape Travyanoy

    20:00 Dinner

    Day 3

    08:00 Breakfast

    Continuation of the route to the south of Kamchatka, to the Kurile Islands

    Skating from the volcano Alaid (2,339 m) - the northernmost and highest volcano of the Kuril Islands

    Skating on about. Paramushir and Fr. Onecotan

    Landing on the Black Lake, the foot of the Nemo volcano


    Heliski from the volcano Krenitsyn, located inside the Ring Lake

    Return to the Kamchatka peninsula and flight to the volcano Kambalny, observation of the eruption

    Overnight in tents

    Day 4

    08:00 Breakfast

    Continuation of heliski-safari from the volcanoes Ksudach and Khodutka, as well as descents to the Pacific Ocean

    In the afternoon return to the mountain-sports base "Snow Valley"

    Training on snowmobile management, preparation of equipment for a snowmobile expedition

    20:00 Dinner

    Rest and swimming in the pool with thermal water

    Day 5


    Departure to the route to the volcano Khodutka;

    Our route is laid through the Mutnovsky plateau, with magnificent views of the most active volcanoes of the south of Kamchatka: the Mutnovsky volcano and the Gorely volcano

    Overnight at the hunting house of Voroshilov's base

    Day 6


    Continuation of snowmobile safari to the volcano Ksudach

    Continuation of the path leading to one of the most picturesque bays of the southeast of Kamchatka - Russkaya Bay

    On the spot we will have a comfortable ship "Athena"

    Overnight on the ship

    Day 7


    Exit on the vessel from the Russkaya Bay to Cape Kekurny

    A walk on motor boats to the sea lions rookery

    A picturesque sea passage to the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

    Transfer to the hotel "Dolce Vita"

    Dinner at the restaurant "Da Vinci"

    Day 8


    Airport transfer


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    556000 RUB


    – Accommodation at the mountain-sports base "Snezhnaya Dolina", located in the valley of Verkhne-Paratunsky thermal springs: Talo cottage (5 bedrooms) and cottage Pinea (6 bedrooms);

    – Accommodation in tourist houses along the route: Cape Travyanoy, Voroshilov's house

    – Accommodation in the days of skiing in the Kuril Islands

    – 9 hours of helicopter time (MI-8MTV helicopter)

    – Rent of the sea ship "Athena" in the corresponding days of the program

    – Rental of mountain snowmobiles - 7 pcs., In the corresponding days of the program

    – Rent of utilitarian snowmobiles - 7 pcs., In the corresponding days of the program

    – Accommodation at Dolce Vita Hotel (1 night)

    – Rent of field equipment for overnight in tents in the corresponding days of the program

    – Board and crew accommodation

    – Three meals a day

    – All transfers according to the program; All additional transport requests are paid separately

    – Professional guide service on all routes

    – Cook on all routes

    – Escort by Maxim Balakhovsky

    – Video operator services

    – Participation of the invited pro-rider

    – Insurance

    Not Included

    – The cost of the ticket to the place of start / end of the program, all airport taxes

    – Cost of emergency evacuation

    – The cost of visa and consular services

    – Individual transfers

    – Dishes and drinks not included in the price of the group menu

    – Additional costs caused by bad weather conditions, changes in flight schedules, equipment breakdown, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances

    – Payment for excess baggage;

    – Rent of equipment and equipment necessary for programs not included in the tour


    – The price is for a group of 14 participants

    – Payment upon booking - 50% of the cost of the program

    – Deposit - no later than 15 days before the start of the program


    – Return of helicopter hours under unfavorable weather conditions: 255,000 rubles per hour (for the whole group)

    – Supplement: 293 000 rubles for 1 hour (for the whole group)