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    If you are looking for exotica you will like Chile. This country vertically lies on thousands of kilometers. These are the kilometers of mountains, nature, flora, fauna and culture diversity. You will enjoy breathtaking couloirs, beautiful runs to lakes and hot springs of the Andes. You will see wonderful Patagonia in the Pukon area. A rare araucaria tree grows there and a ski resort with a lake view is situated on the volcano.

    A heliski tour starts in Santiago, a city of contrasts. We offer you an exclusive take off from a roof of the highest skyscraper in the city. And it takes only 10 minutes from the hotel to a helipad.

    On bad weather day you can find any entertainments you like in Santiago. Or you can go to Valparaiso – seaport of artists. Walking through it you will feel like in a huge museum of modern art. On the way you should visit a winery and taste the best wines of this region. The Chilean cuisine is worth a special mention. This country is famous for both meat and seafood dishes. So at the restaurants you can find everything your heart desires. 


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