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    Alaska is better for advanced riders as here they can find the steepest descents. Because of the north latitudes and nearness of the ocean snow lies even on the heavy gradients. The most interesting riding is in Valdez and Haines. The average altitude of drop-offs is 2300m and the average vertical drop reaches 1200m. A small town Girdwood is 40 miles (64km) south of Anchorage. On non-flying days you can enjoy snowcat skiing, snowmobiling or skiing on one of the best resorts in the world.

    Alaska is a peninsula extending about 700 km to the southwest from the mainland of Alaska. The Aleutian Range runs along the entire length of the Peninsula (elevation 3108m).

    More than a half of world's glaciers are in Alaska but at the same time it covers only 3% of the peninsula.

    17 of 20 the highest peaks of the USA are also located here including the highest peak of Northern America – Mount McKinley (or Denali) 6190m.  


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