He is the one who was at the forefront of the snowboarding movement in Russia, the man, who stood at the origins of the Russian backcountry, the chief editor of the cult Russian printed magazine Doski, which in 2008 moved to the digital format and is now the only Russian web-site about the skate / snowboard / surf culture doskimag.ru.  Andrew constantly travels as a photographer with world-famous film crews and documents the skating of such masters of the backcountry as Nicholas Müller, Gigi Ruf, Fredi Kalbermatten.

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As a snowboarder with a big experience Andrey feels snowboarding and so catches the phases of tricks that his photos readily take such international magazines as Transworld Snowboarding and Method Mag. In recent years, Andrei Pirumov has released two major Russian video projects - "What's This?" and "Turn", in which he acted as a director and producer. In both projects, we were lucky to work together.

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Andrew is our close friend and we are really glad to see him in our adventures. After many years of traveling together, we released 3 books "Helipro Chronicles", each of them included the most vivid photographs of Andrew.

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