Patrick Armbruster was born in Switzerland on July 10, 1976, known in the world of snowboarding as Brusty - photographer, cameraman and co-owner of the most successful European full-length snowboard films studio «Absinthe Films». He worked with all the stars of the snowboard industry and he is the greatest master of his craft. The list of Absinthe Films movies is impressive:

After Forever (2016), Eversince (2015), Heavy Mental (2014), Dopamine (2013), Resonance (2012), Twel2ve (2011), NowHere (2010), Neverland (2009), Ready (2008), Optimistic (2007), Futureproof (2005), Pop (2004), Saturation (2003), Vivid (2002)

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We are always glad to see him in Kamchatka, cause it's a pleasure to work with him. We invited Patrick to many heli-ski trips, we rode together in Switzerland and in Turkey. And in India, Brusty shoted a splendid episode with Fredi Kalbermatten and Maxim Balakhovskii for the Russian snowboard movie "Turn".

You can check some of Brusty's works at his web site.

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