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    About us

    Trips with us are expeditions to the most unbelievable destinations of our planet.

    Since 2004 and now on, being in a constant search for ideal snow, surreal landscapes and the most comfortable conditions for riding, we have discovered a lot of unusual places that are worth the attention of those who love real adventures and heliskiing.

    Helipro main activity is heliskiing and heliboarding.

    We are always ready to develop an individual tour for you

    Moreover, we specialize in such adventures as ski tours, jeeping in the national parks and high mountains, surfing and kite surfing, fascinating climbing, ATV and snowmobile tours, rafting, fishing, diving and exploring the active volcanoes.

    We are trying to find individual approach to every person: to create a journey that corresponds to one's requirements and wishes. That is why, besides our standard programs, we are always ready to create an individual trip for you.

    We are trying to find individual approach to every person: to create a journey that corresponds to one's requirements and wishes. That is why, besides our standard programs, we are always ready to create an individual trip for you.

    The geography of our heliskiing trips:
    Kamchatka, Canada, Greenland, Alaska, Chile, New Zealand, Patagonia, India, Nepal, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Georgia.
    The geography of our adventure trips:
    Kamchatka, Madagascar, the Galapagos Islands, Bolivia, Hawaii, Marshall Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Maldives, New Zealand, Norway, Patagonia, Australia, India, Nepal, Iceland, Japan, Africa, Antarctica
    The geography of our heliskiing trips:
    The geography of our adventure trips:

    And any other places that you are craving for!

    Records and interesting facts from the Helipro history:

    In April 2005 we became the first Russians who snowboarded on the largest island in the world – Helipro organized the first heli-skiing trip in Greenland!

    Since 2007we have been organizing the exciting survival trips on the uninhabited islands.

    In 2013we took part in the organization of the very first heli-skiing trip in Pakistan.

    We crossedhigh-mountain Bolivia several times on Jeeps.

    We organized incentive trips to Columbia and Perufor the partners of the largest and most demanding Russian company – Vkontakte.

    March 2005 –Helipro team reached the Antarctica.

    In April 2009we organized a complicated shooting project for Red Bull, when Valery Rozov jumped from a helicopter into the active Mutnovskiy volcano in a wing suit.

    In 2015we climbed Puyehue volcano and run down into its crater for the snowboard movie "Turn".

    We explored the north of Kamchatka back and forth like no other by helicopters, boats and ATVs. That’s why we know everything about our home land.

    In Kamchatkawe built a mountain lodge ‘Snow Valley’, close to Vilyuchinskiy volcano, to make one’s stay and heliskiing itself more comfortable. Cozy chalets with hot spring pools, banya, slopes with a ski lift, snowmobiles, restaurant and heartfelt service – everything for the sake of our guests!

    In November 2007we created a unique heliskiing trip in Patagonia, based onboard of the expedition yacht, run down the untouched snow of the majestic mountains and volcanoes with views to the sea, fjords and glaciers.

    In 2013our team was one of the few that first observed the Tolbachinskiy Volcano eruption. We were the first ones to witness the birth of a new streamflow of a lava river which stretched for 30 km.

    By 2014we had conquered many giant icebergs in Greenland. Together with a professional rider Gigi Rüf we got on the cover of the biggest snowboard magazine in the world - Transworld Snowboarding.

    We set a record:4-year-old Kirill Bosov was the youngest heli-skiing rider in the world! He skied on the untouched slopes of Greenland with Helipro! The Russian Book of Records officially admitted the record!

    We climbed up, almost, ran upto the top of Kilimanjaro mountain (5885) with a record time - 3.5 days.

    In 2016 we made our dream come true:heli-ski on the Kuril Islands from the active stratovolcanoes.

    In summer of the same year we reached one of the wonders of the world - Onekotan island
    and landed on the smoking Alaid.

    We took part in creating many films about Russian snowboarding and organized filming in Kamchatka for world renowned action film studios such as Brainfarm “The Fourth Phase”, Whistler Creek Productions “Balance Movie”, Yes Snowboards “Yes It’s a Movie”, Pirates Movie Production and Burton. Photo and video shooting in hard-to-reach and extreme conditions is our strong side, after all we have a longstanding experience of ‘action sport’ shootings in mountains, air, ocean and deserts.

    You can learn more about the services of our studio
    on web page
    Helipro Studio

    Once, being caught in our camera lenses, an ordinary rabbit from Kamchatka became a real star. Having jumped over the avalanche, he ran away, not even being aware that he would become world famous. Shots with the rabbit spread all over the Internet and were shown on TV news all over the world! You can find more videoson our channel.

    They choose us. They trust us.
    Chiefs of the largest companies heliski and travel with us: