Was born on 26 September 1991 in Murmansk (Russia). She has been fond of photography and has been interested in extreme sports, since childhood. Darina worked for Redbull company in the marketing department. In 2012 she switched to action sport video shooting: bmx, mtb, skateboard, aggressive roller skating, snowboarding. She has been snowboarding in the parks since she was 16 years old so she feels confident in the mountains with a backpack stuffed with various photo and video equipment. After Bukovel in the Carpatian mountains she began to explore Krasnaya Polyana, Elbrus, Dombai in the Caucasus. She worked with such Russian proriders as: Olga Smeshlivaya, Ardem Sheldovitski (Sheldr), Andrey Moskvin, Evgeny Ivanov (Joon). She shot the Russian part of the movie Method Movie 2 for Methodmag. Transworld Snowboarding commended and posted some of her videos on their website. Being a popular blogger, she promotes the beauty of our country through her Instagram. Her latest topic is Kamchatka – the far East of Russia. You can follow her INSTAGRAM 

Since 2015 she has been inseparable with Sony Alpha 7SMII.