Here we offer a variety of useful things for your adventure and we are planning to extend this list with necessary and cute items. We would like to mention that all items, listed in "equipment" section are presented in a very limited edition and kind of exclusive. In order to buy any product from our store, please call us or contact via e-mail.


    Snowboard Burton, created by hand and produced in ultra-limited editions in the amount of only 20 pieces specifically for Helipro!

    Stylish and laconic design from Lesley Betts, the creation of which was inspired by the red-hot magma of Kamchatka volcanoes. Translated, “Cheetah” means “cheetah” – the fastest animal on Earth, that is, this board adapts to the habitat at lightning speed and rushes through the deep snow like a predator racing behind

    its prey. The combination of buoyancy and free-form fish with responsive camber and slightly pointy racing design is an integral part of the elite of freeride boards.

    PRICE: 800$

    Deflection: Directional Camber

    Shape: Directional Shape, 5MM Taper

    Flex: Directional Flex

    Core: FSC ™ Certified Super Fly II 700G Core

    Fiberglass: 45 ° Carbon Highlights

    Slither: Sintered WFO Base

    Mortgages: The Channel ™

    Optional: Squeezebox, Super Sap® Epoxy, Pro-Tip ™, Infinite Ride ™52600 RUB.

    52600 RUB.


    The third book Helipro Chronicles was created to 10th Helipro anniversary. Being in a constant search for ideal snow, surreal landscapes and the most comfortable conditions for riding, we have discovered a lot of unusual places that are worth the attention of those who love real adventures and heliskiing. In this book we decided to share the most unforgettable moments with the help of the pictures and direct quotes of the heroes of our expeditions – world-known proriders, photographers, cameramen and just friends who often ride with us.2500 RUB.

    2500 RUB.


    HOT LIKE LAVA 148 and 152 is a fresh collaboration of HELIPRO & YES Snowboards, was produced in a limited edition.

    Super short, the Hot Like Lava plays with volume distribution and gets its float and stability from the exaggerated width and Powrock base profile(6mm rocker in the nose, 2mm rocker in the tale). Featherlight Core is made of light poplar species and paulownia. The outline and base-surface area of the 148 is equal to a traditional 160 cm board and therefore has similar float and stability. But with all the mass located closer to your feet, it’s far more maneuverable in the trees and way easier to spin. Because we don’t get carried away with taper, swallowtails or overly setback stances, the board also rides switch and holds amazingly well on hardpack.48000 RUB.

    48000 RUB.


    This mask-balaclava will not only warm you but cheer up others! It is easy to put on due to the velcro! Limited edition!1000 RUB.

    1000 RUB.


    We are glad to introduce you our photo book Helipro Chronicles 2. There are photos of Maxim Balakhovskii and Andrey Pirumov. Looking through these pages you will see the beloved geysers and volcanoes of Kamchatka, incredible expanses of Greenland, Kyrgyzstan mountain landscapes and amazing beauty of Alaska. You’ll be surprised by the beauty and the exoticism of Chile and New Zealand. You can visit virgin snow fields of Canada and snowcovered mountains of Turkey. And finally take part in a journey on a yacht along the coast of Patagonia.2000 RUB.

    2000 RUB.


    We are proud to present you a collaboration of YES Snowboards and Helipro – NATURE STRIKES BACK snowboard (160)! It has a unique Camrock construction and a Twin/Directional form, so it can easily be called an all-purpose freeride-freestyle machine.

    Inspired by surreal landscapes of Kamchatka, Mikhail Deruzhskiy (Enkosynthesys) created a striking design for our new product! He explains his design idea by vivid emotions:

    ‘A trip to Kamchatka impressed me much: under the pressure of great snow-covered peaks I realized the weakness of the humankind and the strength of the nature. People are trying to act as if everything is under their control: they turn the rivers backwards, destroy the ‘unnecessary’ lakes and dig the new ponds, irrigate the deserts and inwash some new islands. We, people, are constantly changing the planet due to our needs. Now it’s time to think – we are not alone on the planet.

    People are so hungry to use all the natural resources that the planet has, they can’t control the appetite. Recently all our planet has turned into a big all-inclusive buffet table: everyone eats more than he needs just because it is free. But the moment comes when the nature strikes back!

    The design of this snowboard embodies the collective image of all natural forces. They are really strong: they can bring floods, droughts, global warming or insect irruption. The texture of the crab is created from the pictures of Kamchatka birches, the background – from the pictures of the frozen crabs that I saw on the street in Asahikawa.’30000 RUB.

    30000 RUB.


    The first photo-book from the ‘Russian Heli Project’ company made by best Russian extreme and travel photographers. All these pictures were taken for those who love nature, freeride and travel. Looking through these pages you will see Kamchatka`s volcanoes and geysers, massive icebergs in Greenland, the magnificent Tien-Shan Mountain ranges in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the endless snow fields of Alaska and many other natural wonders. Taking this virtual tour through our Planet you will even have a chance to visit its Southern Hemisphere and take a look at Chile and New Zealand.1500 RUB.

    1500 RUB.


    Proven ABS® steel cartridge made of high-tensile steel and activation handle.

    Burst pressure at least 675 bar

    Filled weight: approx. 510 g


    Quick and easy to replace7300 RUB.

    7300 RUB.


    Ultralight carbon cartridge for maximum weight reduction and activation handle.

    Extremely lightweight ABS® high-tech cartridge. Weight saving of almost 50% compared to the steel cartridge. Carbon-fiber coating. High-tensile strength with a burst pressure of at least 1020 bar

    Refillable. Quick and easy to replace

    Filled weight: approx. 280 g14500 RUB.

    14500 RUB.


    Weight: 2.1kg without cartridge.

    Colour: Black with White or Orange Logo

    Vario Base Unit applies in snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling.

    Vario Base Unit is a high quality product certified by TUV (German Technical Control Board) and designed for extreme operational demands in the mountains. Form of this backpack provides the additional protection for head without squeezing the neck and head.

    Easy docking to the Vario Base Unit with zipper and four straps for fastening and stabilization.

    Load capacity 80 kg.

    Airstripe back system with foam padding and breathable mesh material let a rider feel more comfortable.

    Straps: height-adjustable chest strap, Integrated leg strap, hip strap, shoulder strap.

    ABS bags buoyancy volume – 170 litres

    * ABS Vario Base Unit is used as a basic for Vario 15, 18, 30.


  • VARIO 15

    Weight: 0.4kg

    Volume: 15 litres

    Colour: green/grey, blue/black

    Vario 15 is the ideal sized backpack for those who engage off-trail/piste.

    Very thin, does not interfere during the use of lifts.

    Shovel and probe can be placed inside of the backpack and in front pocket.

    Straps for attaching skis and snowboards, ice ax, straps adjusting the size of the backpack.

    Attaching skis, both vertically and diagonally.

    The main compartment made with a horizontal zipper.

    Front pocket with a long zipper.

    Additional pocket for small items.

    Waterproof zippers

    Removable clip for helmet.

    Ability to capture all the unused straps.

    The price includes: Vario Base Unit, Cover for Base Unit, Vario 15, 1 activation unit steel.



    Weight: 1.9 kg without cartrige

    Color: black with white logo

    Base unit specifically designed to meet the needs of freeriders with proven ABS® TwinBag system: compact, narrow and light.

    The entire ABS® carrying system – e.g. shoulder strap, hip strap, chest strap and leg strap – meets the TUV requirements for extreme operational demands (PPE guidelines 89/686 EEC)

    Height-adjustable chest strap.

    The soft, elastic Neoprene hip strap provides comfort and a perfect fit.

    An integrated leg strap.

    Easy attachment of different packs (5, 15 l) by means of a zip.

    ABS® TwinBags with a volume of 170 l.


  • VARIO 30

    Weight: 0,7 kg

    Color: black/orange

    Vario 30 – the perfect backpack for those who like trips for several days with downhill and cross country skiing or snowboarding.

    Shovel and probe can be placed in front or back pocket.

    Straps for attaching skis and snowboards, ice ax, straps adjusting the size of the backpack.

    The Skis can be attached vertically or diagonally.

    Main compartment with complete zip front opening.

    Front pocket with long vertical zipper.

    Waterproof zippers.

    Removable clip for helmet.

    Ability to capture all the unused straps.

    The price includes: Vario Base Unit, Cover, Vario 30, 1 activation unit steel.