Madagascar UPCOMING PROGRAMS:   july - october

15 days on Madagascar



We made an active program, which helps you to plunge into an amazing world of animals and plants of Madagascar national parks.

You will go for a walk along The Avenue of Baobabs. It is a group of 30 meters high tree lining the dirt road. Baobab is one of the thickest trees in the world. 6 of 8 species grow here, on Madagascar. The sunset is the best time for walks among these fantastic trees. And photographers like this very much. 

We will visit the Tsingy de Bemahara National Park which total area is 152 hectares. The word “tsingy” means “to tiptoe” in Malagasy language. The park was created for the protection of the unique karst landscapes and 11 diverse species of lemurs and indri in 1927 on west coast of the island. The rocks of limestone plateau are 200 million years and it forms a real “stone forest”. The river Manambolo flows through a picturesque canyon. There are dry deciduous forests on the territory of Madagascar. The park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the Kirindy Forest you can see fossa besides typical animals of Madagascar. Fossa is a predatory mammal and it looks like a puma. The fossa is also equipped with a long tail that helps it jump from branch to branch. Walking in the park Madagascar exotic we will observe a huge diversity of reptiles, lemurs, beautiful chameleons, geckos and frogs.

We will also visit the Andasibe National Park! It is known as “The music of the forest” as well. The park is 810 hectares and it is a home for the biggest extant lemurs, indri. About 11 species of lemurs, tenrecs, beautiful and diverse reptiles and insects live here. The park is a great place for an observation of birds, including endemic birds: philepitta castanea, blue coua, coral nuthatch. From here we will travel by canoe to the Island of Lemurs. It is a private reserve where more than 60 groups of lemurs, crocodiles and birds live. And also there are medicinal herbs, which grow only in Madagascar. Lemurs will literally jump to your hands!

We will enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and crater lakes during our 2-hour route in the Amber Mountain National Park. From here we will set off to Red Tsingy. It is a stone formation of red laterite (similar to clay) and not of limestone. They are caused by land and clay slides during heavy rain.

A rest on a small resort island Nosy-Saba will be an excellent end of the program. Here we will have a three-day meal, including soft drinks, unlimited use of tennis-court, beach volleyball, pin-pong, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing and boat-trips. You can also play golf, go diving, fishing, water skiing and wakeboarding or relax in spa.  



1 Day

Day 1

Departure from Moscow

Arrival in Paris

Departure from Paris

Arrival in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagarcar

Transfer to the Colbert & Spa **** (about an hour)

2 Day

Day 2

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel

7:30 Transfer to the airport (about an hour)

8:30 Arrival to the airport, check-in

10:20 Flight to Morondava

11:20 Arrival to Morondava

Receiving bags, transfer to the hotel Palissandre Cote Oust – Resort & Spa (about 30 min)

Rest, dinner

16:00 Jeep excursion to the Avenue of Baobabs (about 1 hour)

18:30 Arrival to hotel

19:30 Dinner

Free time, rest

3 Day

Day 3

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Off-road jeep-tour to the Tsingy de Bemahara National Park

12:00 Visit of a small settlement Belon and Dziribiina

12:30 We are continuing our trip to the Tsingy de Bemahara National Park

16:00 Arrival to the Hotel Vazimba

17:00 By request: visit of a small village Bekopaka (5 min from the hotel)

4 Day

Day 3

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Off-road jeep-tour to the Tsingy de Bemahara National Park

12:00 Visit of a small settlement Belon and Dziribiina

12:30 We are continuing our trip to the Tsingy de Bemahara National Park

16:00 Arrival to the Hotel Vazimba

17:00 By request: visit of a small village Bekopaka (5 min from the hotel)

5 Day

Day 5

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 Departure from hotel to Morondava

12:00 Lunch at the settlement Belon’and Dziribiina

13:00 Continuation of the trip

15:00 Visit of Kirindy Private Reserve

16:30 Continuation of the trip to Morondova

18:30 Arrival to the hotel Palissandre Cote Ouest – Resort & Spa

Rest, dinner

6 Day

Day 6

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 Transfer to the airport

10:50 Flight to Antananarivo

11:50 Arrival to the capital of Madagascar

12:30 Transfer to the park of reptiles Madagascar exotic

13:00 Walk in the Madagascar exotic park

14:30 Continuation of the trip to Moramanga town

15:30 Dinner in Moramanga at the local restaurant

16:30 We will go for a walk, meet local inhabitants and visit a market

17:30 Trip to Andasibe National Park

18:30 Arrival to Andasibe National Park

19:30 Dinner at the restaurant of Vakona Lodge

7 Day

Day 7

7:00 Breakfast at the hotel

8:00 Discovering of national park (about 3 hours)

11:30 Rest, trip to the island of lemurs

12:30 Trip to Andasible settlement. Market. Dinner

15:00 Returning to the capital of Madagascar (about 4 hours)

19:00 Arrival at the station of Antananarivo

Transfer to the Relaisdes Plateau Hotel *** (about an hour)

20:30 Dinner at the hotel or in town

8 Day

Day 8

6:00 Transfer to the airport (5 min)

7:00 Flight Antananarivo – Diego Suarez

8:55 Arrival in Diego Suarez

9:30 Transfer to the Grand Hotel Diego*** (about 30 min)

10:30 Transfer to the National Park D'Ambre (about 45 min)

11:30 Excursion through the park

13:00 Dinner at the park

14:00 Departure from the park to the Red Tsingy

15:00 Walk in the Red Tsingy

16:30 Return to the hotel

Rest. Walk through Diego Suarez. Dinner

9 Day

Day 9

7:30 Breakfast at the hotel

8:30 Transfer to the pier (20 min)

9:00 Trip to a small island Babaombi (30 min)

9:30 – 14:00 Rest on the island. Great opportunities for diving in lagoons with the clearest turquoise water

Dinner of seafood (special for the group)

15:00 Return to the pier

15:30 Walk to the beach

16:00 Return to the hotel

Town walk

Dinner at the restaurant

10 Day

Day 10

7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Trip to Ankifi

13:00 Dinner

14:00 Ferry to the island Nosy-Be (1hour)

15:30 Private charter to the island Nosy-Saba – private, remote island

16:20 Arrival at Nosy-Saba island

Accommodation, rest, free time

11-14 дни

Days 11-14

Rest at the Nosy-Saba Resort

15 Day

Day 15

Breakfast, rest

13:00 Private charter Nosy-Saba – Nosy-Be

16:05 Flight Nosy-Be – Antananarivo

17:10 Arrival in the capital of Madagascar



Transfer to the airport


16 Day

Day 16

Flight to Paris

Arrival in Paris

Departure to Moscow

Arrival in Moscow


The cost of programs is always calculated individually, call us or write to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call you back and calculate the cost.


– Double accommodation at the hotels noted in programs

– Breakfasts at the hotels and seafood lunch on the Babaombi island

– Three meals a day on the island Nosy-Saba (alchohol is not included)

– Tennis, beach volleyball, pimg-pong, kayaking, diving with a mask, windsurfing and boat trips

– All the excursions and guide to the National Parks noted in the program (including taxes and entrance tickets)

– Group transfers

– Scheduled lights Antananarivo-Morondava, Morondava – Antananarivo, Antananarivo – Diego Suarez, Nosy Be – Antananarivo

– Charters Nosy-Be – Nosy-Sabe, Nosy-Saba – Nosy-Be (5 people in a plain)

– Accompanied by Maksim Balakhovskii

Not Included

– International flight

– Lunches and dinners (besides Nosi-Saba island)

– Excursions and parks not noted in the program

– Personal expenses

– Insurance, visa

Request program


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