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    We strive to find individual approach to every person: to create a journey that corresponds to one's requirements and wishes. That is why, besides our standard programs, we are always ready to create an individual trip for you.


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    15 August 2017
    Fantastic adventures & heliskiing in Patagonia at the and of October

    If you are bored with everything, if you crave a truly unforgettable adventure, adrenaline and fantastic nature, Patagonia is for you! We have gathered all kinds pleasure in one program: heliskiing, fascinating ATV route through volcanic landscape, rafting, fishing, mountain biking amidst the scenic waterfalls and lagoons. And also we have planned a romantic night in tents near the hot springs, visit of fumaroles and gushing geysers, as well as walking on the lava fields of Puyehue volcano.

    Our dates: October 24 - 31. The program is suitable for family holidays as well!

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    1 August 2017

    First weeks of April is the best time for heliskiing in Alaska! And our last trip to Haines proved it. Photos & videos are available in our Blog.

    The skiing area is about 400 square metres with the varied mountain terrain from plain till steep slopes. There are 3 helipads, strategically spaced along a 40 mile corridor. Each helipad has an advantages that helps to respond quickly to the weather conditions and requests of the group. We have started to gather groups for April 2018!


    We have been organizing filming for more than 10 years all over the world. Not only professional riders can be a hero of our Helipro movie. You can also be the one if you start traveling with us!

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    Summer/Autumn in Kamchatka - massive adventure! Лето/осень на Камчатке - плотные приключения!
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    Heliskiing in Alaska
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    Marshall Islands - virgin beauty in the middle of Pacific Ocean. A life trip!


    Roman Arkhipov
    Roman Arkhipov
    Russian pop singer
    I got to Chile with Helipro team in the summer of 2014. It was my first heliskiing experience. And it was rather spontaneous. Of course, I liked it very much but I realized that my level is still far from such heights. So now I have a new goal! I would like to note that the trip was organised at the highest level. When I learn to ride I will definitely go again!
    Terje Haakonsen
    Terje Haakonsen
    Professional Snowboarder
    I like to travel with Helipro, they provided me with the best trips. We snowboarded together in Greenland, Canada and Kamchatka. Always in a relaxed manner they make stuff happen in the backcountry where things can be a little rough sometimes. I am very thankful they showed Kamchatka to me!
    Mikhail Lyalin
    Mikhail Lyalin
    CEO & Chairman Zeptolab
    During one run with Helipro in Revelstoke or Bella Coola you can see the steep couloirs, snow fields, forest, frozen waterfall. And I guess there are no "pillows" like that anywhere in the world!
    Denis Simachev
    Denis Simachev
    Russian Designer
    I am acquainted with Maksim and Helipro adventures for many years. Every journey with this team was truly exceptional for me. The guys have organized a difficult shooting process where I had to climb on an iceberg In Greenland. We had a great fishing in autumn in Kamchatka and we conquered together the snowy volcanoes during heliskiing in winter. I will definitely be back to Kamchatka!


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