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    Heliski and freeride tours
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    We are always ready to create and offer
    personalized programs in any region

    We are trying to find an individual approach to each person - to give a holiday that meets everybodys needs and desires. Therefore, in addition to standard programs, we are always ready to develop an individual tour for you. By our work we strive to arouse interest to what we love - to nature, mountains, snow and adventures. Active rest is not a standard tourism, it is a joy of new discoveries, new friends, unity with nature!


    4 January 2021
    Happy New Year!

    Спасибо, что были с нами в это непростое время.

    Желаем вам крепкого здоровья и интересных открытий!

    Надеемся на скорую встречу в новом году, обещаем радовать вас потрясающими приключениями!

    🚁Heli New Year🎄

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    20 November 2020
    Открытие зимнего сезона в Красной поляне!

    Компания Helipro по традиции приглашает вас собраться вместе, чтобы отметить начало предстоящего сезона!

    17-20 декабря на курорте Роза Хутор в Красной Поляне!


    Открытие сезона Helipro – это, как и всегда, встреча старых друзей, душевное общение, вечерняя развлекательная программа и свежий снег лучшего горнолыжного курорта России.

    В программе: музыкальный вечер, гала-ужин, скидки на скипасы, привилегированный проход к подъемникам, использование тестового оборудования Burton / лыжного оборудования.

    До скорой встречи!

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    We are constantly shooting films during our adventures and you can take movie from us or find yourself in film.


    Terje Haakonsen
    Terje Haakonsen
    Professional Snowboarder
    I like to travel with Helipro, they provided me with the best trips. We snowboarded together in Greenland, Canada and Kamchatka. Always in a relaxed manner they make stuff happen in the backcountry where things can be a little rough sometimes. I am very thankful they showed Kamchatka to me!
    Dennis Ludkovsky
    Dennis Ludkovsky
    Chairman of the Supervisory Committee "Svyaznoy"
    The land in Patagonia is in a constant struggle against the most extreme forces of nature and often requires the same from you. A few of the most memorable runs - first descents - have been made here, along the tremendously spread Chilean coastline. Save the place for me for the next year!
    Alexander Gurkov
    Alexander Gurkov
    Investment Banking Associate
    I would like to say thank you to Maksim and all Helipro team for the heliskiing trip in Kamchatka! This week was the best in my life! There are so many emotions. In some moments my brain just refused to perceive what was happening. And I didn’t understand how to behave, whether to laugh or be silent, or cry. After skiing down to the ocean shore people seemed to say some kind of rubbish because they couldn’t find the words to express their feelings. Many thanks to you for the organization. It was at the highest level.
    Roman Arkhipov
    Roman Arkhipov
    Russian pop singer
    I got to Chile with Helipro team in the summer of 2014. It was my first heliskiing experience. And it was rather spontaneous. Of course, I liked it very much but I realized that my level is still far from such heights. So now I have a new goal! I would like to note that the trip was organised at the highest level. When I learn to ride I will definitely go again!


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