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    Мы стараемся найти индивидуальный подход к каждому человеку - подарить отдых, отвечающий его потребностям и желаниям. Поэтому помимо стандартных программ, мы всегда готовы разработать для Вас индивидуальный тур.


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    7 June 2016
    Снежные новости из чилийских Анд

    Лето. Жара. Не то слово! 3 метра снега выпало на днях в чилийских Андах!

    Такими снимками дразнят нас друзья из Чили. Если Вы хотите продолжить зимний сезон летом, не пропустите самые снежные недели в Чили. 6 - 13 и 13 - 20 августа мы намерены наслаждаться всеми прелестями Анд и будем рады делать это с Вами! Лучшие условия проживания, изысканное питание, горячие источники и, конечно, самое захватывающее хелиски с вылетами с крыши небоскреба из центра Сантьяго – так выглядит наше идеальное лето!

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    16 May 2016
    January in Revelstoke

    The best time to feel the deepest snow in Canada is January! That is why every year we spend that time in the homeland of heliskiing. You can ski here almost every day no matter the weather. You can ski here almost every day. If clouds hang upon the trees, a helicopter gets us higher. If a snowstorm doesn’t allow us getting high, we will certainly find visibility among the firs. When the sun shines, we blow the powder all around and enjoy picnics in the mountains! 14th - 22nd January is the best week. And we recommend you to book it now. Don't hesitate to call us and ask any questions.


    Мы постоянно снимаем во время всех наших поездок и вы можете взять у нас видео или же найти себя на смонтированных видео. В планах открыть свою студию.

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    Heliboarding/heliski in Kamchatka: Best of Winter 2015
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    Heliski & heliboarding in Iceland. May 2015


    Dmitry Bosov
    Dmitry Bosov
    President of Alltech Group
    My first heliskiing experience with Helipro happend in Greenland in 2005. Countless mountains, icebergs and glaciers, runs down to the ocean shore and the sea of snow - I got an absolutely new feeling from riding. Since then heliboarding has become my main hobby. After 9 years I visited the best heliboarding regions. I learned a lot about avalanches and safety in the mountains; I rode together with the stars of snowboarding and found new friends. Those experiences from traveling and heliboarding fill me up with new energy and ideas.
    Dennis Ludkovsky
    Dennis Ludkovsky
    Chairman of the Supervisory Committee "Svyaznoy"
    The land in Patagonia is in a constant struggle against the most extreme forces of nature and often requires the same from you. A few of the most memorable runs - first descents - have been made here, along the tremendously spread Chilean coastline. Save the place for me for the next year!
    Roman Arkhipov
    Roman Arkhipov
    Russian pop singer
    I got to Chile with Helipro team in the summer of 2014. It was my first heliskiing experience. And it was rather spontaneous. Of course, I liked it very much but I realized that my level is still far from such heights. So now I have a new goal! I would like to note that the trip was organised at the highest level. When I learn to ride I will definitely go again!
    Denis Simachev
    Denis Simachev
    Russian Designer
    I am acquainted with Maksim and Helipro adventures for many years. Every journey with this team was truly exceptional for me. The guys have organized a difficult shooting process where I had to climb on an iceberg In Greenland. We had a great fishing in autumn in Kamchatka and we conquered together the snowy volcanoes during heliskiing in winter. I will definitely be back to Kamchatka!


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