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    Мы стараемся найти индивидуальный подход к каждому человеку - подарить отдых, отвечающий его потребностям и желаниям. Поэтому помимо стандартных программ, мы всегда готовы разработать для Вас индивидуальный тур.


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    27 July 2016
    Боливия стала доступней!

    Август и сентябрь - идеальное время для путешествия по Боливии. Неповторимые высокогорные ландшафты, самый большой солончак в мире, отели из соли, фламинго в розовых и голубых лагунах, пушистые альпаки, гигантские кактусы, горячие источники, ночевки в палатках под звездным небом на высоте 5000 метров - это маршрут, который может изменить Вашу жизнь!

    Мы очень хотели, чтобы эта волшебная программа стала доступней. Так что теперь есть и бюджетные варианты поездки. Отправляйте запрос нам на почту и мы расскажем подробности.

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    6 July 2016
    HELIPRO STUDIO will overcome The Silkway Rally 2016!

    The most anticipated race of the year The Silkway Rally kicks off in 2 days! Speed, adventures, overcoming challenges in extreme conditions are the core values of the event. Our team is happy to be a part of it!

    The Silkway Rally start will start on 8th of July from the very the walls of Moscow Kremlin. Its length is 10,735 km, 4 105 km of which are sport areas. Participants will visit 15 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and China: the picturesque lake Balkhash, the unapproachable Gobi Desert and the Tien Shan Mountains. On 24th of July The Silkway Rally will finish on the legendary Tiananmen Square in the heart of China.

    A huge number of journalists will broadcast the rally live for two weeks. But to shoot the Silkway Rally from the inside is another task and a completely new challenge for the rally of this scope. Our extreme movie production ”HELIPRO STUDIO” is taking a long journey to convey the truth and the feelings of pilots during the race. Professional cinema equipment, extra cameras and four drones will take part in this challenging shooting process. GoPro cameras will have a special role in passing the rally atmosphere, each one separately and in a powerful octagonal scepter to shoot 360 degree video! Soon we will see the Silkway Rally as if we are taking part in the rally by ourselves - at 360 degree angle!


    Мы постоянно снимаем во время всех наших поездок и вы можете взять у нас видео или же найти себя на смонтированных видео. В планах открыть свою студию.

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    Heliboarding/heliski in Kamchatka: Best of Winter 2015
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    Heliski & heliboarding in Iceland. May 2015


    Alexander Gurkov
    Alexander Gurkov
    Investment Banking Associate
    I would like to say thank you to Maksim and all Helipro team for the heliskiing trip in Kamchatka! This week was the best in my life! There are so many emotions. In some moments my brain just refused to perceive what was happening. And I didn’t understand how to behave, whether to laugh or be silent, or cry. After skiing down to the ocean shore people seemed to say some kind of rubbish because they couldn’t find the words to express their feelings. Many thanks to you for the organization. It was at the highest level.
    Dmitry Bosov
    Dmitry Bosov
    President of Alltech Group
    My first heliskiing experience with Helipro happend in Greenland in 2005. Countless mountains, icebergs and glaciers, runs down to the ocean shore and the sea of snow - I got an absolutely new feeling from riding. Since then heliboarding has become my main hobby. After 9 years I visited the best heliboarding regions. I learned a lot about avalanches and safety in the mountains; I rode together with the stars of snowboarding and found new friends. Those experiences from traveling and heliboarding fill me up with new energy and ideas.
    Vasily Bulgakov
    Vasily Bulgakov
    Siberian Snowboarder
    Heliboarding is a feeling when you are staying on the top, see as far as it is possible only up there and are soaking in all the best from the surrounding mountains. It can hardly be compared to anything, if only to the best moments of your life. The freedom of thinking, movements, emotions, rushing adrenaline: that is our row! Besides, it is a constant game with your own fears. The altitude, speed, snow-covered rocks is the game that becomes more interesting and fascinating time after time.
    Denis Simachev
    Denis Simachev
    Russian Designer
    I am acquainted with Maksim and Helipro adventures for many years. Every journey with this team was truly exceptional for me. The guys have organized a difficult shooting process where I had to climb on an iceberg In Greenland. We had a great fishing in autumn in Kamchatka and we conquered together the snowy volcanoes during heliskiing in winter. I will definitely be back to Kamchatka!


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