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    We are always ready to create and offer
    personalized programs in any region

    We are trying to find an individual approach to each person - to give a holiday that meets everybodys needs and desires. Therefore, in addition to standard programs, we are always ready to develop an individual tour for you. By our work we strive to arouse interest to what we love - to nature, mountains, snow and adventures. Active rest is not a standard tourism, it is a joy of new discoveries, new friends, unity with nature!


    14 November 2019
    The Magic of Kamchatka

    Helipro Team is pleased to invite you to our event “The Magic of Kamchatka”, which will take place in Innsbruck from 29 Nov to 01 Dec. We will present you personally our beautiful region – Kamchatka, showcase programs and trips organized by Helipro and Snow Valley companies and our latest offers. This event is an excellent opportunity for you to get all information about Kamchatka, to enjoy photo and movie exhibition!

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    13 November 2019
    Helipro Season Opening Party Val d’ Izer

    Helipro Season Opening Party is a tradition that can't be broken.

    This time we will also celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Helipro company!

    December 5-8 we’ll bring everyone up in Val d’ Izer!

    Val d'Isère (France) - the only high-altitude ski resort (1850-3500m) which is also an authentic village. It’s a perfect place for the start of the ski season.

    Snow cover in Val d’Isère is guaranteed from the beginning of November.

    • Testing of the new snowboard and ski equipment (Burton Snowboards collection 2020 and other brands)

    • Private dinner in the mountain restaurant

    • DJ party / concert

    • A private screening of Isle of Snow by Absinthe Films presented personally by Brusti (Patrick Armbruster)

    Other Helipro events/activities

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    We are constantly shooting films during our adventures and you can take movie from us or find yourself in film.


    Terje Haakonsen
    Terje Haakonsen
    Professional Snowboarder
    I like to travel with Helipro, they provided me with the best trips. We snowboarded together in Greenland, Canada and Kamchatka. Always in a relaxed manner they make stuff happen in the backcountry where things can be a little rough sometimes. I am very thankful they showed Kamchatka to me!
    Vasily Bulgakov
    Vasily Bulgakov
    Siberian Snowboarder
    Heliboarding is a feeling when you are staying on the top, see as far as it is possible only up there and are soaking in all the best from the surrounding mountains. It can hardly be compared to anything, if only to the best moments of your life. The freedom of thinking, movements, emotions, rushing adrenaline: that is our row! Besides, it is a constant game with your own fears. The altitude, speed, snow-covered rocks is the game that becomes more interesting and fascinating time after time.
    Denis Simachev
    Denis Simachev
    Russian Designer
    I am acquainted with Maksim and Helipro adventures for many years. Every journey with this team was truly exceptional for me. The guys have organized a difficult shooting process where I had to climb on an iceberg In Greenland. We had a great fishing in autumn in Kamchatka and we conquered together the snowy volcanoes during heliskiing in winter. I will definitely be back to Kamchatka!
    Dennis Ludkovsky
    Dennis Ludkovsky
    Chairman of the Supervisory Committee "Svyaznoy"
    The land in Patagonia is in a constant struggle against the most extreme forces of nature and often requires the same from you. A few of the most memorable runs - first descents - have been made here, along the tremendously spread Chilean coastline. Save the place for me for the next year!


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