Galapagos Islands UPCOMING PROGRAMS:   january - december

Galapagos islands sailing tour: diving and island tour



Galapagos are the islands that located near the equator, famous for its unique flora and fauna with like nowhere on earth. The population of the island is a huge number of diverse birds, fish, as well as sea lions, seals, iguanas, dolphins, flamingos, turtles, pelicans, seagulls and many others.

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We will get you to the most important islands of the archipelago so you can see all this personally.

You are going to see:

Bartolomé Island – one of the most symbolic places to visit on the Galapagos due to its natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.

The island of Genovesa, El Barranco, then Santiago, where you are going to visit the beach Espumilla and the Pirate bay, and the Puerto Egas place.

During the 18th and 19th centuries Pirate bay served as a refuge for pirates, sailors and whalers. You will see the steep cliffs formed of tufa and the dark, reddish-purple sand of the beach. This dramatic landscape becomes more impressive with the presence of hundreds of seabirds sitting on top of the rock.

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Espumilla Beach and Puerto Egas – a black sandy beach, inhabited by fur seals and iguanas.

The Santa Cruz Plateau is a place where you can observe giant turtles in their natural habitat.

Mosquera Islet is an island that is famous for one of the largest populations of sea lions and it is a home to many coastal birds.

You will enjoy a super comfortable yacht, diving, snorkeling and unreal pleasure from what you’ve seen!



1 Day

Day 1

Arrival at the airport of the Baltra island

Meeting, transfer by boat

Bartolomé Island

2 Day

Day 2

Genovesa island

Visiting the Darwin Gulf and the El Barranco Plateau

3 Day

Day 3


Visit to the Espumilla beach and pirate bay and the place name Puerto Egas

4 Day

Day 3


Visit to the Espumilla beach and pirate bay and the place name Puerto Egas

5 Day

Day 5

Mosquera Islet Island

Transfer to the airport


The cost of programs is always calculated individually, call us or write to clarify the cost of the program. Or send us a request and we will call you back and calculate the cost.


– Advance booking payment 50%.

– Final payment is effected at least 15 days before the beginning of the tour.


– Terms of refund for unfulfilled riding program:

– The group may insist on flight to the riding area against the guides’ advice and in instable weather conditions. Such a decision should be made together with the crew and on the basis of the Flight Safety Rules and Requirements and real weather forecast. In case any riding program is not fulfilled due to real weather conditions, safety considerations etc. no refund is made.

– No refund is made for any freerides not performed due to other reasons (such as gear malfunctioning, physical condition, late departure or early arrival through the customer’s fault etc.).

– If less than 8 hours of scheduled helicopter time were used during the riding, the refund is made for the actual number of unflown hours at the rate of 235,000 rubles per hour (for the whole group).

– If more than 8 hours of scheduled helicopter time were used during the riding, 285,000 rubles are additionally charged for each extra hour (from the whole group).

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