Weight: 2.1kg without cartridge.

Colour: Black with White or Orange Logo

Vario Base Unit applies in snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling.

Vario Base Unit is a high quality product certified by TUV (German Technical Control Board) and designed for extreme operational demands in the mountains. Form of this backpack provides the additional protection for head without squeezing the neck and head.

Easy docking to the Vario Base Unit with zipper and four straps for fastening and stabilization.

Load capacity 80 kg.

Airstripe back system with foam padding and breathable mesh material let a rider feel more comfortable.

Straps: height-adjustable chest strap, Integrated leg strap, hip strap, shoulder strap.

ABS bags buoyancy volume – 170 litres

* ABS Vario Base Unit is used as a basic for Vario 15, 18, 30.