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The premiere of Fyodor Bondarchuk's film "Invasion" took place at the beginning of 2020. If you managed to see this movie, then you know that some scenes were filmed in Kamchatka. It's time to find out who was involved in organizing those shootings!

We have prepared this backstage together with Snow Valley Lodge especially for you! 

*The translation can be read. After it, you will find the video. Enjoy! ;)

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Maksim Balakhovskii: In the winter of 2017, we got a call from the producers of the Gravity movie, and from that moment, we started preparation for shooting.

There were lots of things associated with the change of plan. Either the director would see something new, or the cameraman, besides, the light was quickly changing. So, we constantly had to adapt to the situation, and I think we all did it well.

When we were choosing a beautiful lake for the scenes, we decided to shoot on the lakes in Ksudach Volcano. To organize the filming process on the Volcano correctly, we chose a picturesque place called Hodutka, because it is a 15-minute flight from the volcano. We were based on our Snow Valley, and the team noted that that was the most convenient location. it was very interesting for us to watch the work of such a film crew because we also have video production, Helipro Studio.

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Fedor Bondarchuk: Maksim arrived in Moscow six months before our trip, and we discussed everything in detail, the script was written, and the logistics were worked out. Nevertheless, with more than 50 people at the base, is not that easy to organize shooting from a helicopter, from a quadrocopter, from a Steadicam, from the water, above the water, under the water, and everything in different weather! This is an incredible responsibility to people and a truly extreme way to shoot. I am grateful to the whole team that organized this happiness for us. I have never had such shots in my life!

A few words about the pilots. We worked with a 71-year-old man, who had spent 46 years at the helm. Our French colleagues said: "Tell him that he is the king!" It is just an example of one person, but this applies to everything, including how the young guys helped us and still had time to shoot backstage.

Бекстейдж фильма "Вторжение" на Камчатке / backstage