Unbelievable!, 10 Oct 2021 в 11:38 pm


A year ago the actions of a long-eared friend shocked millions of internet users making him a star of many TV shows all over the world including CNN and BBC. There are still those who are worried about the animal, but we can assure you yet again that little fella didn't suffer and is absolutely fine!

The rabbit got into our shot by chance but not without a reason. It happened not far from our Snow Valley Lodge, on Viluchinskiy volcano in Kamchatka, while we were filming a snowboarding movie “The Balance” starring various world famous riders like Terje Haakonsen, the legend of snowboarding or JP Solberg and David Carrier Porcheron who have actually caused the avalanche.

We have been organizing filming in mountains for more than 10 years now, using professional RED video equipment in recent years which allowed us to shoot the rabbit so clearly in spite of the distant point.

While spending a lot of time in Kamchatka we meet rabbits quite often there. Some may even cross your way while you are riding down the slope. But this rabbit is a real star now!