Unbelievable!, 10 Oct 2021 в 11:38 pm


There were two typhoons – Sanvu and Talim – that hit Kamchatka and Kurile islands in September, 2017. Still, we were able to do the impossible – we went to a dream journey to Onekotan island and landed on the top of Krenitsyn volcano!

The 8th Wonder of the World – the biggest volcano inside another volcano; it’s surrounded by a fresh lake and the waves may reach 3m in height in bad weather, despite the high walls of the caldera. If the weather is good, you can see a perfect cone of Krenitsyn volcano in its water surface.

Marvelous Kuriles! Volcanic islands, out-of-reach and unique in their beauty. Very few people agreed to swim to Onekotan. The flight from the southernmost Kamchatka town to Onekotan takes an hour and a half, but it’s rarely possible due to weather conditions. We got very lucky! On 13th of September together with our captain Dmitry Zadirey we reached the island and took a small walk enjoying amazing views of Koltsevoe lake and Krenitsyn volcano. Then we made a fly around this two-level volcano and landed on its top. Expedition members and Helipro Studio took lots of pictures and videos to seize the moment of the first ever landing on Krenitsyn volcano. We couldn’t stay there for a long time, because of strong wind. Onekotan is located in the open ocean, where two climatic zones are met; it is an area of raging typhoons.

Maximum depth of Koltsevoe lake is 264m. Diameter of a gigantic caldera is more than 7km, its walls reach 500m in height.