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While all common tourists are usually go to the seasite of Turkey in search of sun, we go to the mountains in search of adrenalin!

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The Pontic ridge, and especially the Kachkarsky Range, is a fantastic area for freeride and heliski. What makes it so beautiful? It is because of the regular snowfall and a stabil snow cover. 

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Pontine mountains stretch along the Black Sea coast, which determins the snow condition, the snow here is really fluffy. The risk of avalanches is low due to the sea climat.

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"Turkey is a small India," that’s what Maxim says in favor of the region. The landscape and snow conditions really remind us of those in the Himalayas, the difference is that the highest mountain (Kachkar) is 3937m, and the slopes take start at 3700 - 1500 m. The altitude differences reach 1700 meters.

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In early February of 2018 we were able to apriciate all the beauty of the Turkish mountains with bright sun and fresh knee-deep snow. It’s only a five-minutes flight from the hotel to the first slope. Photographer Mika Merikanto was invited to take pictures, and he took some unik photos Maxim was delited by.

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We took a flight on Austrian helicopters Eurocopter B3 with Swiss Zermatt Air first class pilots. And we made up to 19 runs per day!

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There was this nice view at the end of some runs.

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The major advantage of Turkey over the other regions for Russians and Europeans is in its convenienent location with easy plane access.

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Next slide show from Mika Merikanto. Check his web!