We are proud to present you a collaboration of YES Snowboards and Helipro – NATURE STRIKES BACK snowboard (160)! It has a unique Camrock construction and a Twin/Directional form, so it can easily be called an all-purpose freeride-freestyle machine.

Inspired by surreal landscapes of Kamchatka, Mikhail Deruzhskiy (Enkosynthesys) created a striking design for our new product! He explains his design idea by vivid emotions:

‘A trip to Kamchatka impressed me much: under the pressure of great snow-covered peaks I realized the weakness of the humankind and the strength of the nature. People are trying to act as if everything is under their control: they turn the rivers backwards, destroy the ‘unnecessary’ lakes and dig the new ponds, irrigate the deserts and inwash some new islands. We, people, are constantly changing the planet due to our needs. Now it’s time to think - we are not alone on the planet.

People are so hungry to use all the natural resources that the planet has, they can’t control the appetite. Recently all our planet has turned into a big all-inclusive buffet table: everyone eats more than he needs just because it is free. But the moment comes when the nature strikes back!

The design of this snowboard embodies the collective image of all natural forces. They are really strong: they can bring floods, droughts, global warming or insect irruption. The texture of the crab is created from the pictures of Kamchatka birches, the background – from the pictures of the frozen crabs that I saw on the street in Asahikawa.’30000 RUB.