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We finished the eventful 2017 year with another journey to Patagonia, which we had been preparing very thoroughly.

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This region is able to surprise even the most demanding and experienced travalers. Incredible and colorfull flora and fauna, unlike anything you have seen before, amazing atmosphere and inaccessibility of this region, all these make the place another miracle of the world.

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Over the past 10 years we have organized some unique trips to Patagonia, each of which deserves a separate story.

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Everything started in 2007 with the program that was designed and implemented by Maxim Balakhovsky and Beb Echene. This program soon became a subject of our pride and it is still is. It was a new format of adventure, which allowed to combine heli-ski with the opportunity to see all the secrets of Patagonia, being on board the luxury yacht Atmosphere.

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Two helicopters on the deck gave the necessary mobility and the opportunity to ski in the untouсhed snow of mountains and volcanoes overlooking the sea, fjords and glaciers. 

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The boat itself, depending on the weather conditions, allowed us to change the region of riding realy quick, finding some new places to ski which no man has ever entered. In addition the yought is equiped with everything for comfortable and exciting traveling: jacuzzi, sauna, masseurs, first-class chef, as well as fishing equipment, speed boats and kayaks for watching animals such us dolphins, penguins, seals and others.

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In December 2017, we managed to surpass that already perfect format by traveling on a yacht Cloudbreak, the best expeditionary yacht in its class, with a modern helicopter Bell 429 on board.

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That year, we traveled longer and visited new places: Chiloé island and Mechuque - a town with more than 300-year old history, as well as Marble caves on General Carrera Lake.

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The national park Laguna San Rafael became the highlight of the program and the end of the trip. It is the lagrest glacier in South America plexus of fjords, mountain landscapes and floating icebergs with the towering peaks of Andes against the background.

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Enjoy watching the best scenes in the following slideshow.