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In early April, we managed to fly to Alaska to a new place called Haines. We have been preparing for this trip for 3 years. The riding turned out to be so impressive and the trip itself so full that we booked it for the next year at once.

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Misha Lyalin, a participant of the trip:

"The journey to Alaska begins with a flight on a small seaplane to the airport of Haines and it is a wonderful adventure itself: you fly over the fjords, glaciers and you can clearly see all the places where you are going to ride soon – it’s absolutely breathtaking!

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Heliboarding there can’t be compared to anything – Alaska is really cool! You start a run into a couloir or on a wall or a spine, and you don’t see what’s behind it - it looks like there is a cool drop if you go any further. But in fact it’s only better there – great snow and a phenomenal terrain that does not give you any chance or desire to relax. 

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Our guides were Sunny (the owner of Seaba) and his team. The guys are so phenomenally professional you rarely meet. Safety is the basic issue of any riding and I always have very high requirements to the guides.

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On down days, which you should definitely expect when you are in Alaska, you don’t stay at hotel with a book, there are so many other things to watch and to do for several days in a row. There are whales and killer whales there, moose walking around the town, bald eagles that sit on the branches like sparrows… Peace and quiet, and the stunning views from the terrace.

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We shredded 10% of the possible terrain, maybe even 5% of it during a week. It’s a place you want to come back again and again."